Data & AssessmentElementary Report Cards For Admin (Setup)Step 5 - Create Report Card Predefined Value Sets

Step 5 - Create Report Card Predefined Value Sets

Predefined Value Sets are those marks that a teacher enters on the report card. For each set of marks a teachers uses, a different value set is created. Examples of value sets are Checkmarks for selecting options on a Report Card, Work Habits, or Effort marks. Most report cards have a key or legend with this information.

Predefined Value Sets can be edited or changed throughout the Report Card building process.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Grades.

2. Under Report Card Administration select Predefined Value Sets.

Create a Predefined Value Set

Create a Predefined Value Set

Select Create a New Predefined Value Set:

1. Create a Name for the Value Set.  Note that this name will not display on the actual report card.  Name the Value Set carefully for easy identification by the report card creator.  For example if different grade levels have different values then add the grade levels to the title.

2. Enable Text Entry allows users to manual type in text (Yes) or enter from a dropdown menu of options (No).

Options 3 and 4 below are only used in special instances.  If you think that your report card requires these contact your implementation manager to verify prior to using.  In most cases these will be left as the default.

3. If you would like the option selected by the user to Print As a Separate Value, select Yes or No. For example, if a user selects "E", you would want a separate value of "X" to be inserted in its place.

4. Enter the Print Character to support the Print As Separate Value.

5. When finished, select Create Predefined Value Set.

Add Values

Add Values

1. Enter the value's Abbreviation the teacher places on the report card

2. Enter the value's Description to match the abbreviation

3. Click Add Value to begin another value and description, until all values have been entered.

4. Be sure to Save your entries.

5. If you need to Cancel, select Cancel

Manage Predefined Value Sets

Manage Predefined Value Sets

1. To review a list of all Predefined Value Sets created select Manage Value Sets.

2. Edit or change a value set's profile, select Edit Value Set Profile.

3. Select Create New Value Set to build a new value set.

Next Steps

Now that you have created Predefined Value Sets, take a look at Creating Report Card Predefined Value Scales!