Creating Additional Grading Period's Report Cards

This lesson will guide you through all of the setup procedures for seamlessly creating additional report cards for the current year's grading periods by use of the Report Card Duplication tool. It is extremely helpful and advised that all report card setup procedures (field groups, fields, value scales, value sets, and sharing) are as updated and perfect as can be.

Reviewing Your Previous Report Card

Before getting started, ask yourself these questions below:

Q: Are you adding new Field Groups?

A: In most cases, field groups do not need to be recreated and can be applied across multiple report cards, unless they are completely different from previous grading periods. Double check all of your field groups, and if you will be using a new set of standards, new data sources, or new data field types in any of these field groups, you will need to create new field groups with new labels for the new grading period.

Q: Are any of your Field Groups using data from a Custom Report?

A: If so, and they are pulling from a NEW column of data on that same custom report, you can duplicate that field group and chose the new data column you want to use to populate this field group. If custom reports are set to retrieve data from a specific date range or grading period, you will need to duplicate the custom report and set filters appropriately to match that of the new grading period. Don't forget to edit the title as well.

Q: Do you have a Report Card layout that accommodates multiple Grading Periods?

A: If so, all of these will show up on the new report card as designed. However, if not, you will need to create a new report card.

Q. Are the report cards in a previously created print group or need a new print group?

A. If the report card is the same for multiple grading periods, then the same print group can be used. Only if the report card is completely different or a single report card for each grading period is needed, then a new print group needs to be created and assigned.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, it is highly advised to complete any needed areas of your new grading period's report card prior to moving forward.

Step 1: Check your Field Groups

Step 1: Check your Field Groups

Compare your past report card field groups with your new report card.

  1. If they are no changes to all fields within the field group, the field group can be reused for the new report card. No need to duplicate it!
  2. If field groups and fields do not match the previous reporting period, you will need to create additional field groups specific to the new report card. To review or create new field groups, select Grades> Report Card Field Groups> Create Field Group. Using the duplicate tool will help to build and revise rather than start over. It is advised if specific to the new grading period, update the title to include that information such as "English Language Arts T2".

Don't forget, any new field groups created will need to be shared as appropriate to users. See our Field Groups lesson for details.

Step 2: Duplicate Your Prior Grading Period's Report Card

Step 2: Duplicate Your Prior Grading Period's Report Card

By duplicating or copying the prior grading period's report card, all previously setup components will also copy over automatically.

Navigation: Select Grades > Report Cards. In the Report Card list, select Duplicate (1) next to the report card you wish to copy (For example: IE Grade 1).

  1. Add the upcoming grading period to the name or Title of the Report Card such as Trimester 2 or Quarter 3.
  2. Change and update the Grading Period Number to the appropriate grading period.
  3. All previously selected Field Groups will be attached, but make sure to select any field groups that are specific for this grading period.

Once finished, select Submit to save.

Step 3: Edit your Report Card Layout

Step 3: Edit your Report Card Layout

When in the new grading period's report card, complete the following:

  • Go to English>Edit Layout to arrange the new grading period's field groups and fields in the appropriate report card area
  • Scroll through the menu to the left (1) and select the field groups for the new grading period, such as Trimester 2
  • Drag each field group to the T2 (2) box on your template.
  • If the Spanish layout needs to be completed, you can use the Copy Layout feature available once the English layout is complete

If the report cards are in the same Print Group, the layout can be completed on the first report card or the grading period specific report card. For example, all layouts and mapping for all grading periods can be completed on the Trimester 1 report card. Because they are in the same Print Group, they will print as expected as long as the fields for the new grading period are mapped accordingly.

If the report card is in a different Print Group or is different from the first, the layout will need to be specific to that report card and specific print group. Please visit our Print Groups documents for further instructions.

Next Steps

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