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Enabling Locked Browsers for Online Testing

Illuminate Locked Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Illuminate Online Testing. The browser is created by and licensed for use from Respondus. When students use the Locked Browser they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading.

We've created this downloads page as a resource for downloading and installing the Illuminate Locked Browser. You'll be able to find all the current versions of Illuminate Locked Browser. If you are not a district or site tech, please talk with someone at your district or site before installing any of these programs.

NOTE: There are permissions that must be enabled to use this feature. ('Online Testing- Allow use of Locked Browser')

Current Version:

The current versions of the Illuminate Locked Browser are: (PC) Released: 8-05-2015 (Mac) Released: 09-04-2013

To download and utilize locked browsers click here:

Chromebooks and Locked Browser Option

Currently, our locked browser option is not supported by Chromebooks since you cannot install plugins on them. If using Chromebooks, click on the link below for information from Google on how to work around this.

Locked browser for iPad

On the iPad, students will need to navigate to the start of the exam in the mobile Safari browser and when the LockDown Browser would normally be launched, the iPad App will be auto-launched instead.  Then simply follow the directions to enter Guided Access mode (See Below) and take the exam.

Using a Locked Browser

  • First, install the locked browser as outlined above.
  • Next, in your assessment, set up your online testing roster (which is outlined in the document 'Enable Assessment for Online Testing'). When you are setting that roster, select "Locked browser."
  • Then, make sure to set a password for the administrator to unlock a student's locked browser.
  • Finally, it then will open the assessment from the student's portal window in a locked browser as long as it has been installed on the work station. Students will use a regular browser (i.e. Google Chrome) to log into their portal and clicking on the test will allow it to start in the locked browser.

Locked browser for iPad: Student Steps

Using the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser- 

A student should follow these steps to take an exam with the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser:

  1. Download and install the "LockDown Browser" app from Apple iTunes to the iPad. (Requires iOS 7 or higher.)
  2. Enable iPad's "Guided Access" by selecting iPad > Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Turn on Guided Access and set a passcode (you need to remember this passcode to exit Guided Access after an exam). The setup for Guided Access only needs to be done once.
  3. Log in to the portal and choose the appropriate assessment from Pending Assessments.

  4. Begin Assessment and you will be prompted to start Guided Access mode. 
  5. Triple-press the iPad home button to start Guided Access and enter LockDown Browser. 
  6. After completing the exam and choosing to Finish and Submit your responses, triple-press the home button and enter the passcode to exit Guided Access.
  7. Press the Home button again to return to the Home page.

Please note: Students can exit guided access mode at any time during the assessment if they set up their own guided access passcode. Therefore, they COULD exit Guided Access mode, visit another browser window or other tool, and then re-enter Guided Access mode to finish the assessment. While this is certainly a deterrent to cheating, there are security limitations with iPads that will not allow a complete lockdown of the system. One option could be that the teacher sets up guided access mode on the student devices. Then students can only exit Guided Access if the teacher disables the mode with a passcode.