Admin: OTA Roster Management

This article will guide Admin users through the process of using the Online Testing Roster Management tool. This allows users to pause, unpause and change window start/end dates en masse for online assessments.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Admin gear.

2. Under Online Testing, select Roster Management.

1. Select the District or individual site in which you would like to update Online Testing Rosters.

2. Select which assessments you would like to apply changes to by selecting the checkbox next to the Assessment Name.

3. Click on the Assessment Name to go to the Assessment Overview.

4. User- Displays the user who created the assessment.

5. Window Start/End Dates- The dates the assessment is available to take online.

6. Status-Current status of the assessment.

7. Actions dropdown menu- This is how you can apply mass changes to assessments. (See below.) Choose the action you wish to apply and click Apply.

From the actions dropdown menu, you can select to Pause, Unpause, and change Window Start/End dates for the assessments. Again, click Apply once an action is selected.

Once you've clicked apply, you will see your changes reflected on this page.