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Use Quick Rostering for Online Testing (NEW)

This lesson will guide you through the process of using Quick Rostering for an online test. It’s pretty much the inverse of the rostering process where the user selects the students + roster settings and then students access the test via their portal. Instead, the teacher selects “Quick Roster,” which generates a 7-character access code, which is then input at

Where to Start

1. Go to Assessments > List Assessments and open the desired assessment by clicking on the Title.

2: Under Administration, select Online Testing.

Add Quick Roster

1. Click on Add Quick Roster.

2. A login code is generated and your students are now rostered and ready for online testing. Click Edit to adjust rostering specifics; testing window, administration, tool and review settings.

Taking the Test

Taking the Test

Students can use their Local Student ID, SSID, email address, or their Portal username and test-specific access code to login into

*Note this is not the same portal address as the

Once students have entered their ID and Access Code, Assessment Details and Student Details will populate. Students click the Confirm button to access the assessment.