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Monitoring Progress on Online Assessments- General and Live Proctoring

This lesson will guide you through the process of using Illuminate's Proctoring tools for Online Assessments. You can monitor student progress, allow them to prompt you for help, and pause their assessment. It is helpful to open the proctor screen on a device you are using to monitor the administration.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Once in the assessment overview, select:

1. Administration, and then Online Testing OR

2. Just click Online.

Assessment Roster Overview

For each roster created, there will be views available under Student Info/Tools, on the far right-hand side. There are three types of protoring or views available: Student List or General (3), Aggregate (4), or Live (5).

Illuminate Tip: When wanting to click on additional links such as student ID, use CTRL or CMD on the keyboard and select the student ID. It will open a new tab or window in the internet browser, without exiting a user from the current screen.

Tools for All Proctoring Views

Each opportunity to proctor provides you as the teacher, the ability to:

  • Enable Student Help (1) for students to message teachers when assistance is needed during administration
  • Provide students with a Pause (2) feature to lock their screen for a quick break as needed
  • Use Go To (3) to return to the other available views and Assessment Roster Overview page.
Enable Student Help

When enabled, this feature provides a student the ability to ask for assistance when taking an assessment. During the assessment, the student can select the question mark icon on their portal account, alerting the teacher, similar to an instant message. It will confirm with the student the message has been sent, allowing them to keep working.

Teacher View

In the Assessment's Roster, select Enable Help to provide students with the button. To remove or disable, select Disable Help.

Teacher Help Message View

On the assessment's Online Roster, a Student Help Request window will pop-up or alert the administrator. They can either Acknowledge a single student or Acknowledge All, if multiple students are asking for help.

Pause Assessment

When enabled, this feature will Pause Assessment and freeze all students assessments from being changed. Pauses are meant to be short-term breaks when you need to get the class' attention, take a quick short break, stand-up and stretch, etc.

If you pause and students exit the portal without submitting results or completing the assessment, the timer will continue to track how long the student has been testing. Students will be able to continue the test at anytime within the testing window.

Student's previous work will remain available and saved.

Teacher View

The administrator will then need to Resume Assessment for all students, or individual students in the Actions menu. To note, resuming the assessment will stop the timer, making the time elapsed data more valid. Students can still leave the assessment without submitting or finishing, and will be able to return to the test at any time within the testing window to complete it.

Pause Assessment

When selected, a teacher can choose the view they'd like to proctor in or select View All Rosters to return to the Assessment Roster Overview page.

Student List or General Proctoring

This will populate your roster. There are a few things you can do on this page:

1. Look over your roster, for each student you will see that you can view Start/Finish times, Time Elapsed, What question they are viewing, any pauses, and you can take action depending on what is available.

2. Actions menu- Here you can enable Text to Speech, Reset a Student's Password, Pause/Resume a test, or Force Finish an assessment (when in progress). More info below. This menu will change the administration settings for that individual student only.

3. Tools such as Enable Help, Pause, and GoTo are available in all views.

Actions Menu

Depending on where a student is on the administration of the assessment, a variety of actions will be available. Available actions will also depending on the Online Testing Window created for the assessment and roster.

No Actions Available

Until a student has begun an assessment, no actions will be available for the administrator in the student's Actions menu.

Force Finish
Force Finish

Force Finish will be an available option while a student is taking an assessment. The administrator can select Force Finish to manually end the student's session and submit results.

To allow the student to take the assessment again, the administrator must Re-Open the assessment.


As opposed to pausing all students on the roster, you can Pause individual students once they have begun the assessment. Pausing stops the time elapsed timer and freezes the student's screen from moving forward.

When ready, the student's information will show Viewing as Paused. In the Actions menu, Resume will be available to allow the student to continue taking the assessment.


When students click 'Finish' on an assessment, they submit results and are locked out of the assessment. For a student to continue the assessment, the administrator needs to re-open it. In the student's Actions menu, select Re-Open.

Now the student can either log into the portal or they can refresh their portal account if already logged in, and see the assessment under Pending Assessments

Aggregate View

The Aggregate View shows an item by item porgression of how students are answering in real-time. This is similar to a Response Refrequency Report, but in real live time. Some items such as teacher-evaluated or graded items are not currently supported in this view.

1. At the top of the chart, overview of how many students rostered to take the assessment, with the total number of students started and finished will be displayed.

2. Responses will be highlighted in green if correct. The bar graph visulaizes the number of students who have answered the item correctly compared to the number of students who have answered the item.

3. Items that require additional review, score determined by a rubric, or cannot be automatically or electronically scored, are not supported in this view.

3. Tools such as Enable Help, Pause, and GoTo are available in all views.

Use Go To to return to the other available views and Assessment Roster homepage.

Live Proctoring

Live Proctoring gives the ability to see response data come in live in two views: DASH or by Item/questions.

By default, Live Proctoring will land on the DASH view, showing a student list and all responses as they are being submitted. The tool bar will remain on all views in Live Proctoring.

If using randomized answer choices for your assessment, live proctoring will not display as expected. It is best advised to use proctoring views such as Aggregate View and General Proctoring when applying randomized answer choices for administration.

1. Select the dropdown or arrows (1) to change from the DASH to By Item view

2. Sort By Options- This allows you to sort the selected view by Last Name, First Name, Student ID, or Anonymous.

3. Sort By Order- This will sort the selected option from ascending or descending, like A-Z or Z-A

4. Tools such as Enable Help, Pause, and GoTo are available in all views.

Dashboard or Overall View (Default)

The DASH view allows you to view all students at once on an online testing roster.

1. Student Names (or your selected Sort Option) are listed on the left side of the screen. You can click on the magnifying glass next to their name to see a pop up with all of the individual student's answers.

2.  Questions or Items are listed along the top, with the correct answer in green, you can click on the magnifying glass next to the question number to view the Question.

3. If the student answered the question correctly, the corresponding box will display in green, if they answered incorrectly, the box will display red with their incorrect answer choice in it.

Item or Tile View

The Tile or Item View displays item or question results in the form of Tiles.

1. Overall Response, Correct and Incorrect Percentage and Items as submitted live is displayed on the top of the screen

2. Student Responses Box- This is where you will see the student's response, if it is incorrect the box will display red, if correct, it will display green.

3. Zoom In/Out- This allows you to see more students on the page if you have a larger class. Or you may choose to allow yourself to see the boxes larger. This is extremly for larger classrooms to see more student responses on your screen.

Use Go To to return to the other available views and Assessment Roster homepage.

Next Steps

Now that you have learned all about monitoring progress, take a look at Grading Constructed Response Items to get started evaluating student's work!