Student/Family Guide

This lesson will guide you through the process of taking an assessment online and viewing your results from current and past assessments.

How to Access Your Illuminate Home Connection Portal

How to Access Your Illuminate Home Connection Portal

Open your preferred Internet Browser and visit your school's portal site. Your portal's web address should look something like the following:

1. Type in your Username and Password. This information is available from your classroom teacher.

3. Click Login.

Your first time logging in you will be prompted to change your password. Contact your teacher if you forget your password.

Portal Dashboard

1. Main Dashboard is your default view when you sign in. You may also choose Assessments, Attendance, and Classes, etc., along the left hand side.

2. Assessments shows all Pending Online Assessments displays all assessments available online.

3. Choose a language: English or Spanish.

4. When finished with the portal, always Log Out.

Taking Your Online Assessment

Taking Your Online Assessment

To take an assessment(s) online, you may do one of the following:

1. Click on the title of the assessment you wish to take online under 'Pending Assessments'.

'Recent Assessments' shows the tests you have completed recently and your score.

1. Here you can see your name.

2. To begin the test, select Begin Test.

3. This area displays all of the assessment information such as title, due date, and the number of questions on the assessment.

4. Sign Out when you need to leave this page or if you are finished with the assessment.

5. Pictures and passages display here. You may use your mouse to scroll up and down through the passage.

6. Here are your questions. Click the bubble to select the best answer choice.

7. You can highlight text using your mouse, just hold down your mouse button and glide over the text you wish to highlight. Note- Once you move away from this question, the text will no longer be highlighted.

8. Zoom In/Zoom Out allows you to make the text bigger or smaller on the page.

9. Next allows you to go to the next question in the assessment.  Answer choices will automatically save when Next is selected.

10. Select a question in the dropdown to skip to a different question in the assessment.

11. If you want to flag an item to come back to it later, hit the green flag button. This will show up on your final review page to indicate to you that you wanted to return to that item.

This screen shot is an example of what a non-itembank test looks like, think of it like an online answer document. You will be inputting your answers to go along with a paper copy of a test.

12. Select Review/Finish to review your answer choices and finish your assessment.

13. Review your answer choices. Click on the question number to go back to the question. Note that if you flagged an item to go back to, a little red flag shows at the far right.

14. Select Finish to end your assessment and save your score.

Viewing Your Assessment Results

Viewing Your Assessment Results

Once Finish is selected, to view your assessment scores, select Click Here.

You will be returned to your Student Dashboard which will display the assessments you have taken, points earned, total points possible, percentage score, and date taken. Click on the title of an assessment to get a full report of performance.

Select Click to Update to update your dashboard.

Logout when you are ready to exit the portal.