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Enable Assessment for Online Testing

This lesson will show you how to set up an assessment to be administered online via the Illuminate Student Portal. Itembank and Non-Itembank assessments can be available for online testing. Non-Itembank assessments will only show answer choices for students and would need a copy of the assessment. Itembank created assessments will display the items online and are available for students to view.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on Assessments.

2. Select List Assessments.

3. Once in your List of Assessments, click on the title of the assessment you would like to use.

Assign/Enable an Assessment

Assign/Enable an Assessment

Once in the Assessment Overview:

1. Select the Administration menu, then Online Testing.

Add Roster

Add Roster

2. Click Add Roster. This will give you the ability to select the students you would like to make this test available to.

This page is where you will select administration dates, times, and what students have access to the test.

3. Testing Window Start Date- Select when students will be able to start taking the exam.

4. Testing Window End Date- Select when the exam will become unavailable for any more students to take.

5. Academic Year- You can assign this test to a certain Academic Year.

6. Grade Level- You can assign this test to a certain Grade Level.

7. Site- If you have access to multiple sites, you can select which sites students can access the test.

8. User- Select your name.

9. Departments- Optional.

10. Course- Select the course you would like to assign this test to.

11. Section- This is generally for secondary, this allows you to chose a specific period.

12. Students- You may select All Students, or just specific students to make this test available to online.

13. Click Save.

Administration Settings (Click Show):

Administration Settings (Click Show):

1. Time of Day Window This will limit assessments from appearing for students outside the hours specified. This feature works based on the timezone of the district. Ex. If it is set from 7am-3pm and a student decides to try to take a test at 3:01pm, they will not be able to.The time stamp will only allow the test to be started during that window. It will NOT log out the child if they are taking the test and the window closes.

2. Time Duration If you would like to restrict the amount of time a student as to complete the test.

3. Student Pauses If you would like the student to be able to pause the assessment to use the bathroom, etc.

4. Constructed Response Input Method Do you want students to write answers to a constructed response question in a box online, or on a physical piece of paper?

5. Availability Open to all students? Or do you want to require a password to access the test?

6. Browser Would you like students to be able to use any browser/device to take the assessment or would you like to restrict them to a locked browser?

This feature will only be seen on the screen if enabled or turned on by a System Administrator. If using this feature, there are steps you must take to make it work:

  • First, install the locked browser from
  • Next, in your assessment, set up your online testing roster (which is outlined here). When you are setting that roster, select "locked browser."
  • Then, make sure to set a password for the administrator to unlock a student's locked browser.
  • Finally, it then will open the assessment from the student's portal window in a locked browser as long as it has been installed on the work station. Students will use a regular browser (i.e. Google Chrome) to log into their portal and clicking on the test will allow it to start in the locked browser.

Currently, our locked browser option is not supported by Chromebooks since you cannot install plugins on them. If using Chromebooks, click on the link below for information from Google on how to work around this.

7. Randomize Answer Choices When enabled, this will randomize all students answer choices similar to having different versions of the test. Questions/Items will be in the same order for each student, but given a different order of answer choices for the item.

8. Click Save.

Tool Settings (Click Show):

Tool Settings (Click Show):

This is where you will enable tools for students to use with their online assessment. Currently, the following tools are available:

  • Ruler
  • Calculator Basic
  • Calculator Scientific
  • Protractor
  • Digital Notepad
  • Reference Materials
  • Spell Checker
  • Text to Speech

Each tool has a variety of options on how it is assigned to students to utilize during the assessment:

1. By default, tools previously assigned to items by vendors and authors, will be available for students and are marked as Use Item Setting.

2. By default, the Digital Notepad is available for students in their toolbar during the assessment.

3. Enable will turn on the tool and make it available to use for all items.

4. Disable will turn off the tool and it will not be made available, even if the tool is part of the item setting.

5. Select Cancel if you don't want to apply any changes made.

6. Select Save to save and apply changes made.

Note: Rulers can only 'Use Item Setting' because the ruler is specific to image sizes.

Assessment Review Settings (Click Show):

Assessment Review Settings (Click Show):

Assessment Review recreates the student experience where they receive graded test booklets back after taking a test. This will help students identify where they did well and what they can improve upon. This is offered to students for a limited amount of time as set by the teacher.

1. Show Results- Do you want students to see their results? Select Yes/No.

2. Enabled On- When do you want to turn on the ability for students to review the test? Select a date and time.

3. Disabled On- When do you want to turn off the ability for students to review the test? Select a date and time.

4. With Key- Do you want students to see their results along with the answer key? Select Yes/No.

5. Click Save. Students will be able to see a 'Review This Assessment' button within their Portal.

Online Testing Assessment Rosters Overview

Once Save has been selected you will be redirected to the information screen that shows all of the details of the test. From here you can Delete the roster, Edit the roster, view the Window Start and End date, Status of a test (Pending, Current, Passed), Time Duration (If Applicable), Site Info: Grade level, Site, Course Info: Department, Course, Sections, Student Info: Students assigned to take the test online (The person icon will let you access general online proctoring, the list icon shows per question analysis (Aggregate View), and the squares icon is live proctoring per question), and you can Edit, Delete and Add (Add Roster) more students to the test from here.

Note: If an X shows in the box under 'Portal' this means that some of the students rostered to this test do not have portal access. To see a list of which students have access and which students who do not, click on the number under 'Students'. Those who do have access already, will still be able to take the exam.

You can also access Deleted Rosters by clicking on the Deleted Rosters tab at the top of the page.

You can Preview Online Assessment, if you would like to see what it will display like to students. Once clicked you will get some options to customize the way you view your preview (i.e. availability, browser, constructed response input method, etc.).

Next Steps

Get to know our progressing monitoring tools while administering the assessment in Monitoring Progress on Online Assessments.

For additional resources on Online Testing, see the Illuminate U! lesson: U360 Online Testing Administration