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Student Portal Access/Password Setup

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Students.

2. Then under Student Portal, select Manage Portal Access.

Generating Student Passwords

1. To add a student to the Student Portal, click Add a Student.

2. Select the input controls to generate a group of students. Click Submit.

3. Check the individual student or check all students.

4. To set temporary passwords, choose Random Password or Custom Password. Once the password is set, select Ok.

Managing Student Users and Passwords

Managing Student Users and Passwords

Click Students (1), then under Student Portal, select Manage Portal Access (2).

A student list will generate displaying Student Portal information such as Student ID, Last Name, First Name, and the students' temporary password. Upon first login, students will be prompted to change their password.

Disable will delete the student's access to the Student Portal and remove password information.

To Disable or Remove Student Users

1. Search for the student you need to remove or reset their password by clicking the 'disable' checkbox. (There is also a Disable All feature at the top.)

2. Select Disable Students.

3. Click Yes to confirm.

To Disable or Reset Student Passwords

First, remove a student:

1. Search for the student you wish to reset their password for.

2. Select Disable, click Yes to confirm.


Next, add a student:

1. Select Add a Student.

2. Use the input controls to find students. Click Submit. You can also search for the student in the Search bar using Student ID.

3. Check the individual student or students.

4. To set temporary passwords, choose Random Password or Custom Password. Once the password is set, select Ok.

Mass Enabling Portal Accounts

You can import or enable your student portal accounts using our Core Data Import Tools. No matter what type username you are using for your student portal accounts you can import and enable your student portal accounts just by uploading a file. This file can also be added to your daily automated imports. Create a tab delimited file named ‘student_portal_accounts.txt’ with 5 columns.

\L 1. Student ID\L

2. Username (Leave blank if not used)

\L 3. E-Mail (Leave blank if not used)\L

4. Enable (1 for Yes, 0 for No)

\L 5. Temp Password (Leave blank when using LDAP / Google SSO)

To import, go to the ‘Core Data Import / Validation’ tool within the Administration Menu. You must add the student_portal_accounts.txt file to a .zip file before uploading via the interface. If you wish to automate importing this file, contact our data team.

Student Portal (Illuminate Home Connection) Google SSO Configuration

If you wish students to utilize their Google account to authenticate with the Student Portal, the following steps must be taken.  Any google account will work and students can be automatically logged in to the student portal if already signed into google.

1. Student Google email addresses imported.

2. Google SSO configuration enabled for Student Portal (By Illuminate Staff).

3. Student Portal accounts enabled via normal process through UI.

Students can login by clicking a red ‘Sign in with Google’ button on the student portal, or you can link them to https://{district} and they will be automatically logged in.

Student Portal (Illuminate Home Connection) LDAP Configuration

Student portal is an optional additional Illuminate product.  If you wish to also setup LDAP for students via portal, please also fill out the following details. Otherwise leave blank and the system will allow the creation of temporary passwords for students.

Student Login ID Type (Username, E-Mail or Student ID):

(If using a Login ID other than Student ID, it is required that the username is included with the Student Portal Username file used by our import tools.)

LDAP Server Hostname:

LDAP Server IP Address:

Encryption (StartTLS or SSL is Required):

(If using a self signed certificate, we will also need a valid copy of your Root Certificate Authority cert file used to generate the certificate.  This is not the same as your normal certificate.)

LDAP Port (Typically TCP ports 389 for StartTLS or 636 for SSL):

Account DN Lookup Username:

Account DN Lookup Password:

Account Domain:

Base DN:

Account Filter / Field (uid, sAMAccountname, etc):

Test Account Username:

Test Account Password:

For any questions, concerns or comments about the Student Portal Access/Setup, please contact our Help Desk via or your Implementation Manager.