Using Ze Library

This lesson will guide Admin users through the use of Ze Library. This allows sites to mass transfer 'packages' of information to other sites/districts who are also using Illuminate. You can submit Assessments and Custom Reports into Ze Library for sharing.

For example, if you are at KIPP NYC and KIPP LA wants to send you 10th grade benchmarks, they can upload them to Ze Library and then you will be able to install them on your Illuminate site.

Push Assessments to Ze Library

Push Assessments to Ze Library

1. Click on Assessments.

2. Under General, select Create a New Assessment View.

Create an Assessment View

Create an Assessment View

3. Give your Assessment View a title.

4. Description- Optional

5. Click Choose Assessments, and search for/add the assessments you would like to include.

6. Once added, select Save.

Once saved, you will be taken to the Overview, and receive the conformation, "Assessment view was saved." This will now be available as a 'package' to transfer in Ze Library.

For more information on Assessment Views, see the help chapter- 'Assessment Views.'

Submit to Ze Library

Submit to Ze Library

1. Click on Advanced.

2. Select Submit to ZE Library.

3. Give your package a Name.

4. Add Tags to it for easy searching.

5. Client- Should default to your district, this is a collection of packages.

6. Select Push to Ze Library. You will receive a success message and be redirected to the List Assessment page once completed.

Push Custom Reports to Ze Library

Push Custom Reports to Ze Library

1. Click on Reports.

2. Under General, select List Reports.

3. Click on the title of the report you would like to submit to Ze Library.

Once in the Custom Report:

4. Select the Advanced tab.

5. Click Submit to Ze Library.

6. You can change the name of the report if you wish (will default to the current title).

7. Add Tags- This will help when filtering through the list of packages in Ze Library.

8. Select a Client (A client is a collection of packages from at a specific site).

9. Click Push to Ze Library.

Installing Packages

Installing Packages

1. Click on the Admin Gear.

2. Under Ze Library, select Install Packages.

Once on the Install Packages page:

1. You can use the dropdown menus and keyword filters to quickly search for the package you want to install via Client (For example, if KIPP LA has uploaded a benchmark package for you at KIPP NYC, you would search in KIPP LA's packages), Tags or Keywords.

2. To select a package, click on the checkbox next to the package title (To do a select all, click the checkbox at the very top of the checkbox column).

3. Click Install Selected.

To Delete Packages: Please note that the grey-colored trash can icon indicates you do not have sufficient permission to remove the package. The icon should be blue. A user must be member of the site that owns the package to be deleted and the user needs the permission "Delete Packages".

You will receive a success message. Once finished, these packages will be accessible in the appropriate list (Assessments, Reports, etc.).