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Create/Edit/Delete Terms using the Term Manager

This lesson will guide Admin users through the use of the Term Manager Tool. The Term Manager Tool allows you to change term dates on the fly. You will need to enabled this permission: View Daily Attendance Calendar.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Admin Gear.

2. Under Calendar, select Term Manager.

Create Terms

Create Terms

1. Select the site you would like to create terms for via the checkbox at left.

2. Click Create Terms.

3. Input the Term Name, Number, Type (Full Year, Semester, Quarter, etc.), Start and End Dates.

4. Click Save.

5. Your terms have been created and will now show in the initial terms list.

Note about Trimesters: The Term Manager has intentionally been made to leave out the ability to create trimester terms. We've found that In the majority of cases student schedules do not change at trimesters and trimesters are often installed as terms; however, it's best to install one, yearlong term and then use grading periods to setup the trimesters. The trimester grading periods will allow the grades to be submitted on a trimester-basis; whereas, the terms is related to scheduling only. If the students' schedules do not change during the change in grading period it would be best to utilize the yearlong term.

Edit Terms

Edit Terms

1. Select the term you would like to edit via the checkbox to the left.

2. Click Edit Terms.

3. Once you've clicked Edit Terms, make the change you need to the term(s) and click the Save button.

4. The next screen needs to be read and all check boxes selected before the Understood button can be selected.

5. Answer, "Are you really sure about this?" by clicking OK.

6. This screen gives you the option to change more terms or proceed with changing the terms you have edited. When finished you will be prompted to answer, "Are you done editing terms?" Select Yes, I'm done. Please verify my data integrity or No, I'm still making changes.

Delete Terms

Delete Terms

1. Select the term you would like to delete via the checkbox to the left.

2. Click Delete Terms.

3. Delete Term Warning will appear, you must click each, "I am" check box before you will be able to delete.

4. If you're sure, click Yes, please proceed...remove my data.

5. You will receive one last confirmation, click OK if you're sure.

Once deleted, the site will now display as "No Terms".