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Connecting manually to Illuminate's SFTP server

The following steps will instruct on how to successfully connect to Illuminate's sftp server.  Prior to following the steps below, please ensure you have the following items to proceed.

  • Unless you know/prefer to write command-line connections, the easiest route is through a graphical UI application that supports the SFTP protocol.  There are a variety of graphical UI applications out there that supports sftp connections (try Google), many of which are freeware.  The steps/screenshots below are from using a free software, Cyberduck.  Cyberduck can be found at the following URL and is available for both Mac/PC:  Please install the app on successful download.  Note: screenshots below are from the Mac version and so there can possibly be small variations.
  • You must have an sftp username and password account created by Illuminate.  It's possible that you were granted one awhile back (ie. when you first came to Illuminate) and it's been so long, you forgot your password.  It's totally OK, we all forget passwords too, especially when we have hundreds of user accounts and varying passwords.  Whatever the situation be and if you don't remember, please email our help desk at to request a password reset.

Launch Cyberduck

Launch Cyberduck

1. On launching the app, click on Open Connection icon.

Adding SFTP credentials

Adding SFTP credentials

1.  Using the drop-down, please select your connection protocol as SFTP.

2.  Illuminate's SFTP server is located at the address:

3.  On choosing SFTP in step1, this should default to port 22.  If not, please adjust to "22".

4.  With your provided username, enter that here.

5.  With your provided password, enter that here.  Keep in mind, passwords are always case-sensitive and so be sure to enter the password as provided.

6.  Once the 5 steps above are filled out, click on "Connect".

YAY...I successfully connected!

YAY...I successfully connected!

If you were unsuccessful, the connection would time out and you'd get some kind of connection error message.  If so, please ensure your 5 steps above are correct (ie. username, password, etc).  If still unsuccessful, please alert the Illuminate Help Desk.

If you were successful, the connection should have immediately taken you into the root directory of your account.  There you will see all files/folders.

  • If you are an ISI user/client and have 3rd party connectors set up, those exports should be found within the data_extracts folder.  Double clicking into the folder, will show you which extract(s) have been set up for you per your request(s).

Once you've found your files, simply drag the file/folder onto your Desktop (or whatever location you are dragging into).  You possibly may get a prompt and on confirming, will copy the file/folder to your destination.