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Voice Messaging (via Swiftreach Voice)

The lesson will guide you through the process of creating and scheduling mass voice messages to be sent from within Illuminate. These are one time scheduled calls, i.e. Registration reminder, School Board Meeting reminder, Minimum Day reminder, etc.

Before you start-Permissions

Before you start-Permissions

Before you will be able to set up/send any voice messages, you must enable permissions for Messaging to any user you would like to be able to set these calls up. You can find these permissions under Admin Gear > Permissions > Role or User.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Conversation icon.

2. Select Voice Messages.

3. Click Add New Message at the top of the page.

Creating your message

Creating your message

1. Select Message Type, in this case Mass Voice.

2. Give the message a name (i.e. Board Meeting Announcement)

3. Caller ID #- This is the number you want to display on recipients Caller Id.

4. Type in your message. Note at right you have the ability to input a Place Holder (Just click on it), in which the system will add the name automatically during the call.

5. When finished, click Submit.

Recording a Voice (rather than using the automated voice)

Recording a Voice (rather than using the automated voice)

When you first land on the record screen, you may see the Adobe Flash Player Settings pop up, select Allow to let the player use your computer's microphone. (Select the Remember checkbox as well, and you won't ever see this pop up again.). Click Close.

1. Click on Record Voice for each part of the call.

Note: This is not required. If you do not wish to record your voice, the system will automatically make the entire call in a robot voice.

2. To record your message, select the green microphone button.

3. Click the green Microphone to record the segment.

4. Click on the red Stop button to stop recording.

5. Press Play to playback what you recorded. You may record as many times as you wish.

6. When finished, select Upload Audio.

Making a Test Call

Making a Test Call

Once recorded, on the edit page you have the ability to do a Test Call. Once you click on the Test Call button:

1. Enter a phone number you want to call.

2. Enter a Student's Name.

3. Enter a Recipient's Name.

4. Click Make Test Call.

Scheduling your message

Scheduling your message

1. To schedule your message, either select Schedule Message at the top of the page once you've finished creating it, OR select Schedule Mass Voice Message from the Messaging icon menu.  

2. Use the filters to find the contacts you wish to send this to.

3. Click Submit.

4. Select the Voice Message you wish to schedule to send out via the Voice Message dropdown menu

The system will call the Primary phone number for each contact. In Student Contacts, the Relationship has to be set (i.e. Father/Mother/Etc.) and they must be marked as a Legal Guardian (with no Restraining Order).

5. Send At- Select the date and time to send this message.

6. Add a Note about this message.

7. To select recipients you can select them individually by checkbox or via the Select All Recipients button.

8. Click Schedule.

Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of your page. From here you can use the actions button to Edit, add a Message Note or Delete the scheduled message.

Editing or Deleting a Voice Call

Editing or Deleting a Voice Call

Once created, you can access your voice call for editing or deleting in you Voice Message list (Conversation Bubbles icon > Voice Messages).

To edit, select the blue Paper button. Remember if you edit the call, you will have to re-record it.

To delete, click the red Trash Can icon.