Manage Aeries Gradebook Integration

This lesson will guide you through the process of enabling Third Party Integrations, more specifically Aeries Gradebook, for your District.

Permission Needed: 'Manage Third Party Integrations'

Before you Begin:

In order to use this integration, there are permissions in your API that need to be switched to read before you begin. Change Student Data, Gradebook Data, Gradebook Scores, and Staff Data to READ access.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Admin Gear.

2. Under Other, select Integrations.



1. Find your integration, in this case, Aeries Gradebook, and press View.

2. Enter your API Certificate. i.e. 012AB56C012AB56CAB79354902GHCA

3. Enter your base URL. i.e. (This should be the public facing URL teachers log into.)

4. Click Add Integration.

You will receive a success message and the information will be saved on this page.

Once the integration is added, you should testing your integration to make sure it works. To do so, click Test Integration.

After testing, you should find a teacher with data in Illuminate to test the integration to make sure it links correctly.

To view all configured integrations, click Configured Integrations, this will also allow you to download a log of each time an integration has been added/removed..