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2015-2016 Smarter Balanced Assessment (Preliminary) - California FAQ

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is the primary assessment used to test students in grades 3-8 and grade 11 in English Language Arts and Mathematics. This test comes in 3 flavors:

  • Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments
  • Smarter Balanced Summative Preliminary
  • Smarter Balanced Summative Final

This FAQ only applies the "Preliminary" assessment.

Below is a press release from the test vendor about the availability and use of this data:

2015–16 results are now available in the Online Reporting System (ORS). The data available in this reporting system represent partial and preliminary results that are not appropriate for public release. As a real-time system, results will change as additional data is received and relevant appeals and rescores are processed. These changes may result in final scores being higher or lower than the preliminary results posted to this system. Final data will be released publicly by the California Department of Education in August.

These results include student scores, aggregate results, and assessment target reports.

  • Student scores for the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment should be available approximately three weeks after the student completes the assessment (both the computer adaptive testing portion and the Performance Task) in a content area.
  • Student science scores will be available approximately five weeks after test documents are returned and approved for scanning and scoring.
  • Caution should be used when reviewing aggregate results, including assessment target reports. These reports present only partial data because the data in ORS are dynamic. This means the data provided are dependent on the students who have completed testing (i.e., data update nightly as student results are scored and can change as students complete testing and appeals are processed). Restraint is advised because of the dynamic nature of these reports.

Q: How do I download the SBA Preliminary data?

Q: How do I download the SBA Preliminary data?

A: Login to the Online Reporting System (ORS) Here. Click on Test Management Center. Select the CSV file format for your preliminary results and download these results to your computer.

Q: How do I Import my results into Illuminate?

Q: How do I Import my results into Illuminate?

A: Navigate to the admin cogwheel in Illuminate. Select State/Known Data Imports. (If you do not see this please contact our Support team). 

Once on this page, select the data set Smarter Balanced Assessment 2015-2016 Summative (Preliminary). Note: This import supports only the CSV format of of the summative preliminary file. If you download your district results as a ZIP file you will need to unzip the file and process each file individually for the import to work successfully.

Q: I have imported my summative preliminary data into Illuminate.  Where/What data is available?

A: Since the preliminary data is not appropriate for public release, we have made sure that once the data is imported it will not be shared to all users. Since we do not know who at your district needs to see this data we have left this decision to you. The above data elements will be available to share.

Special Note: There are no widgets for this data set since it is preliminary and widgets must be shared with all users.

To Share out Custom Report Meta Data: Navigate to Reports > Manage Custom Reporting Data. Search for "2015-2016 SBA" in the search box and share out the following data categories to who ever you wish.

To Share out Assessments: Navigate to Assessments > List Assessments and search for "2015-2016 SBA". Check the boxes next to each of the following assessments.  At the bottom of the list, select from the dropdown menu "Share Assessment(s)".  Share the assessments to whomever you wish.

Q: Are there Prebuilt Reports for this data?

A: Yes. There are three reports available and they are not shared with any users. It is up to you to determine how you wish to share these reports.

  1. Preliminary Smarter Balanced - Performance Summary
  2. Preliminary Smarter Balanced - Student Roster
  3. Preliminary Smarter Balanced - Student Summary

Find the abstracts here.

Q: How are records matched to students in Illuminate?

A: 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 Smarter Balanced Assessment Interim: 

  • 1st: StudentIdentifier (10) to State Student ID
  • 2nd. ExternalSSID (16) to Local Student ID

2015-2016 and 2014-2015 Summative (Preliminary) 

  • 1st: Student ID (3) to State Student ID
  • 2nd: Student ID (3) to Local Student ID

Q: How are records updated in Illuminate for this data set?

A: 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 Smarter Balanced Assessment Interim: 

  • AssessmentGuid (1)
  • StudentIdentifier (10)
  • AssessmentAdministrationFinishDate (38)

2014-2015 Summative (Preliminary) 

  • "Math" Table
    • Student ID (3)
    • Mathematics OppNumber (20)
  • "ELA" Table
    • Student ID (3)
    • ELA/Literacy OppNumber (12)
  • "Other" Table
    • Student ID (3)

2015-2016 Summative (Preliminary) 

  • "Math" Table
    • Student ID (3)
    • Mathematics OppNumber (31)
  • "ELA" Table
    • Student ID (3)
    • ELA/Literacy OppNumber (23)
  • "Other" Table
    • Student ID (3)