Utah State Assessments

Utah administers the following assessments listed below. They use ACT/PLAN/EXPLORE for college readiness.

Current Assessments

SAGE - Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence

ACCESS - Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State

Older Assessments

CRT - Criterion-Referenced Tests

UALPA - Utah Academic Language Proficiency Assessment

Common Core Consortium and Transition Plan

Utah is not part of a common core testing consortium. The Utah Board of Education (USBE) signed contract with American Institutes of Research (AIR) for the development, administration and reporting of the SAGE Assessment System. WIDA is the test vendor for the ELL assessments.

CRT - Criterion-Referenced Tests

How are records matched to students in Illuminate?

CRT 05-06 - 13-14:

  • 1st: STATE_TEST_ID (2) to State Student ID
  • 2nd: STUDENT_NUMBER (1) to Local Student ID 

How are unique records identified?

CRT 05-06 - 13-14:

  • CRT_TEST_DATE (28)

SAGE - Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence

AGE is Utah’s computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state’s core standards beginning in the 2013-2014 academic year.

The SAGE assessments are adaptive assessments that are designed to measure student knowledge and skills. Every time a student answers a question, his or her response helps determine the next question he or she answers. The difficulty of the assessment will adjust to each student’s responses, providing a more precise measure of what each student knows and can do in relation to Utah’s Core Standards.  This assessment in no way can be compared to the previous assessment CRT (2012-2013 and prior) as they measure 

This comprehensive testing system includes:

  • Summative
  • Interim
  • Formative

This page will cover only the Summative and Interim and will not go into details regarding Formative piece. The Summative assessment is taken once a year in the Spring.


Subjects Tested

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

Grade Levels / Tests

  • Grades 3-11 (Language Arts)

  • Grades 3-8 (Math)
  • Grades 4-8 (Science)
  • End of Course Math Tests (Secondary Math I, Secondary Math II, Secondary Math III)
  • End of Course Science Tests (Earth Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

List of Tests

List of Tests


  • Summative Assessments: Spring
  • Interim Assessments : Anytime throughout the year

Attached is an assessment schedule for the 15-16 academic year. 

Performance Levels are called "Proficiency Levels" for SAGE. The Scale Score ranges vary across subjects and are vertically linked which allows one to compare performance between test years in a given subject but not across subjects.

Terminology Used for Clusters 

Clusters for SAGE are called "Reporting Categories". The Reporting Category scores include a scale score, but do not include the proficiency levels. In the Interim, the Overall Scale Score Cut-offs (see above) can be used to determine proficiency at the Reporting Category level.

Illuminate Specifications

This section includes fields that would be used for reporting purposes and information about the import job built in Illuminate for this dataset. Here is the Illuminate Import Spec used to build the import. The above tables are available for SAGE.

There is a SGP (Student Growth Percentile) field (sage_yyyy_subject_sgp) which currently doesn't look to be populated in the data which should in the future be included in reports as a measure. You should be able to include the 13-14 SAGE assessment data and the 14-15 SAGE assessment data to chart the overall Scale Score Trend for ELA and Math Subject Grade Levels.

The clusters for the SAGE follow the naming convention:

  • sage_yyyy_subject_cluster#ScaleScore (Scale Score for Reporting Category)
  • sage_yyyy_subject_cluster#Text (Reporting Category Name)

Attached are some other useful documents:

How are records matched to students in Illuminate?

For both 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016:

  • 1st: Matches STATE STUDENT NUMBER (12) to State Student ID
  • 2nd: Matches DISTRICT STUDENT NUMBER (1) to Local Student ID

How are unique records identified?

For both 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

  • TEST DATE (8)

UALPA - Utah Academic Language Proficiency Assessment

How are records matched to students in Illuminate?

UALPA 06-07 - 13-14: 

  • 1st: STATE_STUDENTNUMBER (16) to State Student ID
  • 2nd: STUDENT_NUMBER (1) to Local Student ID
  • 3rd: Unique combination of LAST_NAME (13) to Last Name, FIRST_NAME (14) to First Name, and STUDENT_DOB (15) to Birth Date

How are unique records identified?

UALPA 06-07 - 13-14: