DnA: Summer School Setup

This lesson outlines the steps you will need to take to setup Summer School correctly in Illuminate DnA.

Step 1:

Create or confirm your summer school sites on the Site Management page. (See the following Help document as needed: http://help-dna.illuminateed.com/m/8529/l/8906-create-edit-delete-a-site)

Some schools use their regular school sites and simply set those up for summer school. However, some districts actually create separate sites in their SIS that are used only for summer school, e.g. Thomas Jefferson Elementary Summer School. 

Step 2:

Create your summer session, then create the appropriate summer school terms that match the summer terms in your SIS. (See the following Help document for more guidance: http://help-dna.illuminateed.com/m/8529/l/214684-create-edit-delete-terms-using-the-term-manager)

NOTE: Make sure to choose Type = FY (Full Year). Enter the term name that is in the master schedule. If a master schedule is not used, the term name can be "Y".

Step 3:

The Core Data files should be uploaded to the SFTP server in the same format as regular year data. Automation will process them on the next import.