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DnA: Prepare for the Coming School Year

With the close of the current school year or the start of a new one, comes preparation for the coming year. Here are some suggestions for things that may need to be done in Illuminate. Please contact your Implementation Manager or Support Staff for further assistance.

New Users or Users Changing Sites

Part of the Year to Year Data Rollover lesson includes rolling over non-teacher users such as Principals, System Admin, District Admin, etc., so that the user's permissions and affiliations copy from one year to the next. Teacher users or those with a roster coming from your Student Information System, will automatically be created.

  • Any new administrators, non-teacher users, and or new users to your site/district, will need accounts set up in Illuminate.
  • Any administrator who changes sites will need their affiliations updated.
  • Don't forget that teachers are added and edited through the nightly upload process so there is no need to add/edit their profiles

For more information, visit the Create a User and Edit a User Profile lessons to assist you further.



Permissions may need to be adjusted for the coming year based on preferences and implementation needs.

  • The use of modules such as Gradebook or Report Cards in Illuminate require additional permissions for both administrators and teachers
  • Keep in mind some permissions although can be selected YES may need additional support from your Implementation Manager or Support Staff

For more information, visit the Add or Edit Permissions lesson to further assist you.

Local Assessments

After some time in Illuminate working on local assessments, it is helpful to review how assessments are tagged or associated with information that helps with searching, how they are shared, and if they need to be duplicated for the upcoming year. In the Testadmin account or users who manage local assessments, prepare the assessments for the upcoming year.

Review and Update a Single Assessment

Review and Update a Single Assessment

Some local assessments may not change in structure, design, alignment, or information and can be administered each year, as is.

  • Academic Year is a tag that assists users in searching for an assessment. By default when creating an assessment it is associated with the academic year it was created (i.e. 13-14).
  • An option available if the assessment will not change in design (answer key, standard alignment, structure of the assessment), is the ability to select the Academic Year as Repeats Yearly.
  • Publisher assessments, chapter tests, and quizzes are good examples, where the assessment can be administered and used yearly as is.
  • All student response data will be available for all years, based on visibility.

If the assessment changes questions or performance bands, you do not want to use the Repeats Yearly option. Rather, duplicate the assessment and associate with the new academic year and updated structure or design. Don't forget to share the assessment as appropriate.

Review and Update Multiple Assessments

How assessments are tagged can be very helpful when sharing Assessments to users. Editing, Sharing, Unsharing, and Deleting can be done quickly for multiple assessments within the Assessment List. For users utilizing Key Data Systems assessments, it is very helpful and highly advised to tag and associate the assessments as described below.

To Edit and Update Information on multiple assessments, do the following:

  • In Assessments > List Assessments, select the checkboxes for all assessments to be updated
  • Choose the appropriate information such as Description, Academic Year, Subject, Scope, Grade Levels, that applies to all assessments selected
  • Select Submit to confirm changes
  • Test by selecting the tags in the assessment list and see if the assessments are there

When Sharing or Unsharing multiple assessments, please keep in mind:

  • Assessments with previous sharing permissions enabled will continue to follow those permissions with no need to re-share
  • Changing how assessments are shared can result in users no longer having access to those assessments and/or student response data
  • Using the mass select tool is helpful when needing to share Grade Level assessments quickly to that of a particular grade level (i.e. Fourth Grade) or roles (i.e. Principals and System Admin)

When Deleting multiple assessments, please keep in mind:

  • Assessments can only be deleted by the assessment author
  • When deleted, all assessments and student response data will be removed permanently from Illuminate
  • When deleted, any users who had access to both the assessment and student response data will no longer have access

For more information on editing, sharing, deleting, or unsharing assessments please visit the Assessments help manual.

Key Data Systems Assessments

For clients utilizing our Key Data Systems INSPECT Itembank, there are a number of assessment resources available to you to support your assessment needs. These assessments are made available in your TestAdmin user account and are recommended to be a starting point for further review, editing, and adjusting to fit your needs. You will be updating to new versions of their assessments which be installed to the TestAdmin user account as soon as they are available (likely by August).

For more information on resources available to you as a Key Data Systems/Illuminate client, visit our Key Data Systems help manual or contact your Implementation Manager.

Publisher Assessment Requests

Publisher Assessment Requests

Illuminate has created thousands of publisher assessments, or assessments that are part of curriculum. You will find this list in the lesson, Assessments We Built for You.

  • Publisher Assessments are built to match the curriculum and are not modified to meet district/site needs
  • Publisher Assessments once installed can be duplicated and edited to meet specific needs and practices

If you would like any of these in your site, please send an email to to request these. there is no charge for these assessments.

For Gradebook and Report Card Illuminators Only

When using Illuminate Gradebooks and Report Cards, Grading Periods and Report Cards need to be reviewed for the upcoming year. System Admin users or those with permission will need to have completed the Year to Year Data Rollover before moving forward with these next steps.

Grading Periods

Grading Periods

For those districts using the Gradebook or Report Cards, new grading periods need to be created. If you are not using Gradebooks or Report Cards, please skip to the next recommendation.

  • To set Grading Periods for the upcoming or new year, change the date in the Control Panel to a date within the new term
  • For example, when creating grading periods for the 14-15 academic year, use the Control Panel to select the first date of the new term such as 8/13/14
  • Grading Periods must be set school by school
  • Report cards and the gradebook will not work unless these are set at each appropriate school
  • Don't forget Date Range controls the view and collection of marks in the Gradebook, while Grading Window controls the accessibility of the Report Cards

For more information, visit the help document Set Grading Periods to further assist you.

Report Card Rollover

Report Card Rollover

Report Cards can be duplicated and ready for the upcoming year quickly and easily using the Report Card Duplicator tool.

Utilize the Report Card Duplicator tool if:

  • All components in Report cards are not expected to change
  • Data, grades, and student information is not expected to change
  • Report Cards are completely the same from the year before

Do NOT utilize the Report Card Duplicator tool if:

  • Components such as Field Groups and Fields are expected or need to be edited and changed
  • Data, grades, and student information to be populated on the Report Card will comes from a different report or assessment from the previous year
  • Report Cards are different from the year before

For more information, visit the help document Report Card Rollover to further assist you

Implementation Next Steps and Training Dates

If there are certain dates desired for upcoming training to support your implementation needs, please contact your Implementation Manager as soon as you can.

Have questions about modules and next steps for your team? Give us a call. You can also review our Training Options menu to see how we can help illuminate trainings.

Next Steps

Please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support with any questions you may have as you prepare for the coming year.