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Import data into a DIBELS assessment

This lesson will guide you through the process of uploading student response data for a DIBELS assessment.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Assessments tab.

2. Under General, select List Assessments.

3. Click Clear.

4. Under Type filter for DIBELS (6th or Next)

5. Click Search. From the list of assessments select the title of the DIBELS assessment you wish to import data for.

Importing response data

Importing response data

In the assessment Overview:

4. Click Responses.

5. Select Import Student Responses From File.

Side Note: File Layout

Side Note: File Layout

In DnA, you can import student response data into an assessment using a file that contains their answers and their student ID numbers. For DIBELS, the Academic Year is a required field. Please remember that this field needs to be the second date in the academic year. So if your file is for 2012-2013, the Academic Year field needs to read 2013.

Your file needs to be in one of these formats:

- Comma Delimited

- Tab Delimited

- Semicolon Delimited

- Colon Delimited

Keep in mind that you can typically turn another file type (such as Excel/.xls) into one of these formats (such as Tab Delimited) by opening the file, clicking File, selecting Save As, and selecting the new file format from the Save As Type drop down menu. Just be sure you widen your columns sufficiently in the initial file so that none of your data "jumps columns" during the transfer. Also, your file must contain one column with Student ID data.

6. Using the dropdown menu, select your file delimiter.

7. Chose the scores file you wish to import by clicking Choose File.

8. Click Upload.

Your file columns need to line up with your assessment questions/items appropriately. Designate one of your file columns as the Student ID column, and then select one column of response data (typically for Question 1) as the First Student Response Column. NOTE: Depending on the DIBELS assessment you are importing data for, these will be different.

After making sure that your columns are paired appropriately, click Import.

Note: If you see nonsensical content in your column drop down menu, chances are you accidentally uploaded the wrong file type.

You should now see the above message. If not, revisit the steps of this lesson.

Note: Some computed fields, such as the Composite score, do not need to be imported. Such columns will be computed based on the data imported.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Any time you want to view your assessment data, merely open it and do either of the following:

- Click the Overview tab to view any of the dynamic, data-filled reports.

- Click the number next to Students to view responses or click the Responses tab to view it.

-Computed scores are available in the pre-built reports or by creating a custom report.

Note: DIBELS data comes out with the academic year of 2013 when it is for the 2013-14 school year.