What is On Track?

An early warning system to identify which students are “On Track” or not “On Track” for college and career, graduation, or some other goal established by the district. On­Track is made up of Categories, Measures, Configurations and Performance Band Sets:

  • Categories: A category is a collection of measures. Examples: attendance, discipline. Categories can be weighted to increase the importance of the area.
  • Measures: A measure is a risk indicator. In Illuminate, the measures are created as custom reports. Examples: absent 1­4 times, absent 5­9 times. Measures can receive their own weights within a category to increase the importance of a particular measure.
  • Configurations: Container that holds Categories and Measures. Example: "3rd Grade English Language Arts Tri 1".
  • Performance Band Sets: These will be needed to define the placement of a student. Performance Band Sets must be applied to both the overall configuration as well as each category.

Steps to Get Started

1. Familiarize yourself with the system feature and set­up steps in the other Help Documents here.

2. As a courtesy, we will set­up one configuration for you in Illuminate. You will need to send us the measures for the configuration so that we can set this up. Keep the following in mind as you develop your measures:

  • What defines an On Track student/not On Track (at risk)?
  • Will you use assessments, discipline, attendance, and/or transcripts and if so, what are your qualifying measures?
  • How should those measures be weighted? Send the the measures to help@illuminateed.com and cc your implementation manager.

3. When we receive your first sample configuration we will, as a courtesy, we will do the following: a. Create an On­Track account (this is a user account in Illuminate to use to manage all your configurations) b. Create the ONE On­Track configuration, categories, measures (custom reports), performance band sets, etc. c. We will aggregate the data, complete all pre­built report checks, build the configuration meta data and build a sample custom report to show On­Track scores.

4. We will contact you once the configuration is completed and review it with you. You may build the rest of the configurations on your own or have us build the remaining configurations. Pricing for this service depends on the scope of work/time to build the configurations. Typically we can complete 9 configurations a day. So if there are a K­8 district and have 2 configurations per grade level, it would take us 2 days to complete ­ and we would charge $1,500 per day.

5. Finally there are a few reports that we offer in regards to On­Track:

  • Student Profile Report Widget: This will show a list of all configurations a student is part of and their score. Category values are coming soon.
  • On­Track Student List: This will allow users to choose a configuration and show a color coded list of the overall configuration score as well as each category score.
  • On­Track Multiple Configuration Report: This gives a user the ability to put multiple configuration scores side by side. This is great for principals looking to load all students and all configurations on one screen, etc.
  • On­Track Student Detail Report: This report gives users the ability to view an individual On­Track scores for an individual configuration. This is great if you're wanting to print something out and have a meeting with the student/parent, etc.
  • On­Track Dashboard Widget: This is very similar to the On­Track Student List report, only it's on the Dashboard screen.
  • Custom Reports: On Track meta data will also be available so that you can build custom reports with the data.