On Track Reports

This lesson will guide you through the process of accessing and using the reports to go along with Illuminate's On Track system,

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Reports tab.

2. Under General, select List Reports.

Once on your reports list:

3. Type 'On Track' or 'Track' in the search bar to access the On Track prebuilt reports.

4. Once they show up, click on the title of the report to access it.

5. Use the dropdown menus to select the group of students you would like to run the report for.

6. Select which configuration you would like to run the report for.

7. Select your viewing method, 'Download to PDF', 'Download to Excel' or "View in Browser'.

On-Track Detail Report

On-Track Detail Report

This report generates a overall report for each student stating their score in each category as well as their overall On Track score, complete with score 'speedometer' at right.

On-Track Student List

This report generates a list of students. It will give the students names in alphabetical order along with their On Track Score Overall (Numerically and by Label) and in each measure. There is an overall bar graph at the top showing overall Performance Band levels for this group of students.

Note- You can add students directly to an Intervention Group at the bottom of the page.

On-Track Multiple Configuration Report

On-Track Multiple Configuration Report

You will use the filters for this report in the same way as any other On-Track report, however, this one will allow you to pick multiple configurations for comparison purposes.

This report generates a list of students, with their Overall scores for each configuration specified.