Find Playlists & Resources

You can find resources and playlists in a variety of ways.

Search for Resources and Playlists

1. Click the Search tab. You may search in different ways:

2. Enter any word related to the subject. Examples are electricity, fractions, and main idea.

3. Select either Playlists or Resources. Remember a resource is one piece of information or activity and playlists contain multiple resources.

4. Select All Teachers to find resources or playlists from any teacher in Illuminate Resources. Select Teachers I'm Following for those resources/playlists created by your teacher.

5. Check any type of resource or playlist you would like to search.

6. Check any grade level to which the resource or playlist is associated. Most often, you will select your grade level.

7. Click Search.

'Follow' Your Teacher

'Follow' Your Teacher

If you are 'Following' your teacher, click the teacher name to see resources and playlists that are available to you.

View Your Favorite Resources and Playlists

View Your Favorite Resources and Playlists

As you work through playlists and resources, you have the opportunity to mark them as a favorite. You can then view all of your favorites in one place by clicking Favorite Playlists or Favorite Resources.