Creating a Playlist

A playlist is a collection of resources that students or parents work through in a sequential or random order.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Create.

2. Then + Playlist.

Create Playlist

Create Playlist

1. Enter a Title: Each playlist requires a title. Make the title as clear and concise as possible. Create a naming convention for yourself so you can identify your playlists in the future.

2. Enter a Description: It is strongly recommended to include a description so you have enough information to identify the playlist content.

3. Allow Random Order determines whether the user may select the order the resources are played (No
or if the resources must be played in the order listed (Yes).

4. Sharing determines who will see the playlist. A Public playlist means all users may access the playlist. A Private playlist means a password is required to access the playlist.

Create a Heading

1. Click on the Heading button.

2. Enter in your heading and press Save.

Add Resources to Playlist

When creating your Playlist:

Click on the Add Resources button.

1. A list of all available resouces will populate, click the checkbox next to any resource(s) you wish to add to the playlist.

2. Click Add Resources.

From within a Resource:

1. To add a resource to a playlist, open the resource. On the left, under the resource title, click the + sign.

2. The list of current playlists will display. Select an existing playlist or click the + sign to create a new playlist.

Edit/Remove a resource from a Playlist

Edit/Remove a resource from a Playlist

Access the Playlist you wish to edit/remove a resource from via 'My Stuff'. Select the Pencil icon.

Once on the 'Edit Playlist' page:

1. Edit Playlist- You can edit the playlist details like title, description, ordering, sharing, password, etc.

2. Playlist Content- Use the trash can icon to delete a single resource or checkbox/trash can icon to mass delete resources. Use the arrows to reorder the resources in the playlist.

3. You can also Add Alignments, Add Resources, Add/Edit Headings and Add/Edit Narratives (explanation under a heading).

When removing a resource, you will be asked to confirm the removal of the content. It cannot be undone! Select OK if you want to continue.

Alternate way to delete a single resource

Access the Playlist you wish to edit/remove a resource from via 'My Stuff'. Select the title of the resource.

1. Once in the resource page, click on the plus sign at the top.

2. A 'My Playlists' box will pop up. Click on the trash can icon next to the title of the playlist you wish to remove the resource from.

Create Playlist Groups

1. Select the check box next to playlists you would like to group together. (i.e. All Fractions Playlists, All Algebra II Playlists)

2. Click + Add Playlist Group.

Trash (Un-deleting a Playlist/Resource)

If you accidentally deleted a resource or playlist (or maybe you changed your mind), you can always find these in the Trash. To re-instate them, simpley click on the checkbox next to the resource or playlist you would like to un-delete and click the gear icon.