Linking Online Assessments to Playlists

Online assessments can become a resource in Illuminate Resources. The assessment is added to an existing playlist or you may create a new playlist housing this assessment.

Note: Online testing and Illuminate Resources are both permission based. If these options are not available, check with your district Illuminate system administrator.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Open the assessment you want to add to an Illuminate Resources playlist. Click the Administration tab within the assessment overview. Then click Online Testing.

Add to Playlist

Select Add to Playlist.

1. Playlist- From the drop down menu, select a playlist to add this assessment. You can also select 'Create a New Playlist' and start a new playlist with the assessment. If you select this option an extra box will populate under 'Playlist' called 'Playlist Title'. You can type in the title for your new playlist here.

2. Time Duration- If you would like a time limit for students to take the assessment, enter a value. If you do not want students restricted by time, leave the value at 0.

3. Student Pauses- This allows students to pause the assessment (however many times you indicate), this is most useful if you are utilizing the time limit feature.

4. Constructed Response Input Method- If there are Constructed Response questions on your assessment, choose Online Entry if students will enter their response online. Choose Written if students will write their response on paper.

5. Availability- This determines if permission is needed to take the assessment. Select Open if students can take the assessment at any time. Select Approval Required if students must have approval from the online testing moderator (permission based). Click Password if students need a password to access the assessment. You will be prompted to enter a password at this time.

6. Browser- Students can use any device/Internet browser or they are forced to use a locked browser.

7. Randomize Answer Choices? Yes or No.

8. Click Save.


You will see confirmation in the Illuminate assessment. The playlist name is listed.

You will see confirmation in the Illuminate Resources playlist. The assessment title is listed.