Illuminate Resources: FAQ

Before using Illuminate Resources, keep in mind there should be discussion around its use. Things to think about:

a. How are your teachers, principals etc. planning to use Illuminate Resources?

b. Who should be managing resources and playlists?

c. Have your users been effectively trained within Illuminate Resources and how/when they should use it?

What is Illuminate Resources?

Illuminate Resources allow parents, students, teachers and staff to find resources associated to Common Core and/or content standards for instructional purposes. Resources can be combined to create playlists that users can access.

Who can use Illuminate Resources?

Teachers, students and/or parents can use Illuminate Resources. Teachers access through the Assessments tab in Illuminate and students have access through the Student Portal. For parents, an email account is needed to register at

Is Illuminate Resources permissions based?

Yes. The permission, ‘Enable Illuminate Resources’ in the Assessments module, must be enabled.

How does a district enable Illuminate Resources?

1. Contact their Implementation Manager to discuss what Illuminate Resources does, how it works and if it's a good fit for the district.

2. The Implementation Manager will enable Illuminate Resources and grant permission to the System Admin role.

3. Implementation Manager and district create a roll out plan so staff are trained on its use.

4. Permissions will be enabled for roles/sites/users based on the implementation plan.

When is a district NOT a good fit for Illuminate Resources?

Because Illuminate Resources is a fairly new feature, there are minimal resources for teachers/students/parents to use. In most cases, staff will need to add resources to create rich playlists.

What is a resource?

A resource is content that is stored within Illuminate Resources. Content may be a video, document, website, or assessment. Headings and images may also be added.

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a combination of resources that are accessed in a sequenced or random order. Playlists can be created using any resource added by any user.

How do Resources work with Illuminate?

When a resource in Illuminate Resources is tied to a standard, Illuminate will show an icon next to the standard in the Response Frequency and Teacher Overview assessment reports. Students will see the Learning Link icon next to standards aligned in assessments in the student portal.

Is there a way to limit access to the resources students view?

Yes, a resource can be marked as ‘Private’, meaning that it is password protected. Otherwise, all resources show for students.