Create a Training Plan for Students

Illuminate Resources provides a great way to support blended learning environments and easy access to content to support instruction.

This help document is intended to provide suggestions for rolling out this feature to your students. As a pre-requisite, you should have an Illuminate Resources account already set-up and have reviewed the Activate help lessons (e.g. you already know how to search for resources, create resources and playlists, follow users). In addition, please consider the following:

Content Considerations

  • Teachers should preview the resources/playlists linked to the standards ahead of time. There may be standards without links or standards that link to several resources/playlists. 
  • If there are no resources tied to a standard(s) that you would like your students to review , consider creating resources for them. This will benefit the larger Illuminate community as well!
  • If there are several resources/playlists, you may need to guide students to access specific resources/playlists. 

Technical Considerations

  • Students who use Illuminate Resources will use a variety of resources that require network access. Be sure to test all resources to verify students can access them. Websites like YouTube can be blocked for students. Another thing to be aware of is your district bandwidth. Can several students play a video at one time without the video freezing? Does the video load so slowly the student is not able to watch it? Is printing involved?
  • If there are videos, does the computer have headphones/sound enabled? Are and special plugins to install to view a resource off the web- java, flash, etc? 

Suggested Timelines

Illuminate Resources Session 1: 40-45 minutes                                                      

Students should know how to:                                                                                                                              

  • Login to Student Portal                                                                                                                                      
  • View results of a recent assessment                                                                                                              
  • Create an Illuminate Resources account  


Illuminate Resources Session 2: 40-45 minutes                                              

Students should know how to:  

  • 'Follow' their teacher(s)  
  • Locate resources and playlists
  • Use resources and playlists


Subsequent Illuminate Resources sessions: at teacher's discretion

Students should know how to:

  • Complete a resource and rate it
  • Identify favorite resources and playlists

Illuminate Resources Session 1: 40-45 Minutes

Login to Student Portal

Login to Student Portal

Students access Illuminate Resources through the Student Portal. Their student ID and temporary password are used to login. The temporary password can be set by the district or teacher, depending on the permissions given in Illuminate. Students can also login using a Google account. Check with your Illuminate System Admin to provide information on how this is set in your district.

For primary students, consider the following:

  • Create a link to Home Connection in the bookmark bar of browser or on desktop. 
  • Create login cards prepared with pictures or a screenshot of Home Connection website.
  • In case there are students who get stuck with a glitch or finish the activity early, have an activity for students to do as they finish. (Bring a book to the computer lab, complete a goal setting page/google form, respond to reflection about lesson, etc.)

View Assessment Results

Assessments that have been taken in Illuminate will show results in the Student Portal. When students access these assessments, they will see a Learn Link letting them know there are resources associated to the standard.

Illuminate Resources Session 2: 40-45 Minutes

'Follow' a Teacher

'Follow' a Teacher

Students may 'follow' any user in the system so that it is easy to access the teacher's resources and playlists. Refer to the help document, Find & 'Follow' Your Teacher, for additional information.

Locate Resources and/or Playlists

Clicking on the Learn Link takes the student to a list of playlists and resources. The student can then click on the name of the resource/playlist to go directly to the activity. Teachers can set a preference that determines whether the student works through the playlist in sequence or in random order.

Use Resources and Playlists

Use Resources and Playlists

Students may be directed to resources or playlists in a variety of ways. They may use the Learn Link from an assessment. They may also have resources/playlists in their Favorites.

Students can also access playlists and/or resources by 'Following' their teacher(s). Refer to the help document, Find & 'Follow' Your Teacher, for additional information.

Subsequent Illuminate Resources Sessions

Complete a Resource and Rate It

Complete a Resource and Rate It

Students will mark a resource complete as a way of tracking their progress. Students may also rate the resource by clicking the answer to each of the three questions. The information provided by the ratings will allow you to determine future use of a resource.

Review Student Ratings

1- After a student has rated a resource, the teacher can see an overview of student ratings within the playlist.

2- For a more detailed look at student ratings, click on the graph in the upper right corner of the playlist.

Review Detailed Student Ratings

Review Detailed Student Ratings

Three graphs will display the student results.

Identify Favorite Resources/Playlists

A student may create a list of favorites for both resources and playlists. Students will click the star in the upper right corner.

Favorites are one way you can direct students to find resources/playlists in the future.