Release Notes Version 8.0

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v8.0. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: July 20, 2015

Next tentative release to Live Sites: July 23, 2015

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link will NOT work. You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

All Product: Enhancements and Fixes

All Product: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] Behavior: Major Incident Report now has the ability for Duration Override. This allows a user to forgo the magic calculations we do, and input duration in days for a consequence. For a summary of our magic calculations click Explain the Calculation link at the top of the section.

[Enhancements] Health: Top Secret! There is now a permission based ability to put a confidential flag on health documents housed in the Health Documents widget. This means these docs will only show to special folks who have permission to confidential documents.

[Enhancement] Health: Health Meta Data is now available. So report away, nerds!

[Enhancement] Custom Reports: The Manage Columns page has new user interface for easier organization of columns. For more information, see the Help Document "Manage Columns on a Custom Report".

[Enhancement] Custom Reports: Taste the rainbow! Oh wait...view the rainbow? Isn't as catchy. Anyway, Performance Band colors added to Custom Reports now show up on PDF/Excel downloads. For more information on Performance Bands on Custom Reports, see the Help Document "Modifying Columns with Performance Bands".



[Enhancement] We’ve made updates on the look and feel of GradeBook creation screen. No changes with behavior and of course, teachers can still create points-based and standards-based GradeBooks, as well as find the link to Illuminate help pages.

[Enhancement] Calculated values of standard scores in standards-based GradeBooks (SBGBs) are now displayed on Spreadsheet view. Standard Score columns show up on SBGBs where the Group By Standards preference is enabled. Previously, teachers had to run a report in order to determine a student's standard score.

[Enhancement] GradeBook sharing WITH student visibility. This is found on the GradeBook sharing page. Currently, the GradeBook does not come along with students, so this is a big win for GradeBook collaboration.

This allows the shared users GradeBook to look identical to the one the GradeBook the owner has (if the option for Can See Students is enabled), meaning it shows the same dynamic list of students (in Spreadsheet View and Student List View). In other words, it reflects any and all scheduling changes that are made in the section/roster associated with the owners' GradeBook roster. Only the GradeBook owner can modify/remove sections and students. This new feature works on Points-Based GradeBooks and Standards Based GradeBooks. more information on GradeBook sharing, see the Help Document "Collaborate and Share GradeBooks".

[Enhancement] Quick GradeBook duplication- The old "duplicator" will now be called "rollover" (since it moves GradeBooks from one term to another). The new duplication method is on the GradeBook details page and quickly clones a GradeBook (with links, tags, categories, etc.). Wooooooo! For more information on this feature, see the Help Document "Duplicate GradeBooks (Templates)".

[Enhancement] Grading Period options on the GradeBook, Grades to Date widget (in the Student Profile) are now grouped by sites when there are multiple sites available.

DnA: Enhancements and Fixes

DnA: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancements] Added a "Reset" button to the ItemBank item search that resets the selected filters. This should make searching faster and easier.


[Fix] Itembank - Fixed choice scoring options for Selectable Text items.

[Fix} Fixed a small issue with the ItemBank search filters.

[Fix] Fixed a small issue with the Assessment Overview widgets.

ISI: New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

ISI: New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

[New Feature] Electronic Verification Log- Keeps track of all changes made to attendance. This also enables electronic signature where Teachers can now indicate they’ve taken attendance electronically on the 'Take Attendance By' screen.  Please note there is a lengthy process your district must complete with the State to enable this ability. (This is a permission based feature.)

[New Feature] ADA Checker- The ADA checker is a quick summary of attendance reports and checks typically run manually by sites on a monthly basis. The goal of the ADA Checker is to streamline month end / attendance balancing procedures and minimize clicks.  Keep in mind that no changes have been made to the way the ADA report functions and that the check that is run is only representative of the data that is present at the time of the run.  Back dating changes to students schedules, master schedule sections, and courses can impact ADA reporting. For more information on this feature, see the Help Document 'ADA Checker'.

[Enhancement] The ADA Report got some work done!  To make month to month balancing easier and avoid the need to flip between reporting months, we have added two new columns - "Carry In" and "Carry Out." Carry In displays the Carry Out number of the previous month. Carry Out calculates the End number minus the Last Day Exits. Additionally, we now highlight same grade level across attendance programs when you hover over the report. This feature is useful for sites that offer a lot of attendance programs. For more information on this update, see the Help Document 'ADA Report'.

[Enhancement] Scheduling-The Draft Board- Hover over a section and the new magic blue arrow will allow you to make all students vanish from the section. Watch out David Blaine! For more information on this feature, see the Help Document "4.3 Place and Create Sections Using the Draft Board".

[Enhancement] We are getting tired of you all bugging our Yoda, Master P, about section deletions, so now you can delete sections yourself as long as there is no Attendance or Gradebook data tied to it.


[Fix] Enrollment by 10 day report was giving folks a time out error when being run for a whole district. This is no longer the case!

[Fix] Online Course Requests- Once a student hit save and received the green message indicating their selection was saved it was not actually saving. Now it does!

ISE: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] IEP Details-Labels on the IFSP and IEP are now dynamic which will allow for added flexibility.  Look for the option to have a Spanish Labeled IEP or IFSP to come out in the future!

Medicaid Verification Logs

Medicaid Verification Logs

Verification Logs now have a new column...each log now has the date the log was approved or disapproved!