Release Notes Version 8.5

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v8.5. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link will NOT work. You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: February 6, 2016

Next tentative release to Live Sites: February 11, 2016

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

All Products: Enhancements and Fixes

All Products: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] Behavior- Users can now select and assign multiple students to a Minor Incident report. There is also now the option to create a single incident report and group all students on it, or keep them separate.

For more information on Minor Incident reports, see the help document 'Create a Minor Incident Report'.

Gradebook: Enhancement and Fixes

Gradebook: Enhancement and Fixes

[Enhancement] Gradebook- Synergy Integrations- Users can now configure Synergy integrations as a District overall And/Or for separate sites.

Fixes (We know we're not perfect.):

[Fix] Fixed missing teacher’s GradeBook in the Student Profile’s Gradebook, Grades to Date widget. Previously, teacher’s GradeBook was not displayed in the widget even when de-selecting “Only show active GradeBooks”, but was displayed in Portal. Now, teacher’s GradeBook is correctly displayed in Student Profile’s Gradebook, Grades to Date widget.

[Fix] Fixed an incorrect Power Law calculation for assignments with missing scores. Previously, based on Report Card’s behavior, “Assignments with null or empty values will not be considered in the calculation.” but in GradeBook it’s considered a 0 (zero value).

Ex. Teachers inputted 3 (latest score), 2 and null (oldest score), GradeBook calculated it as 2.26, but RC calculated it as 3. Now, both RC and GB calculates null or empty values as it is and based from the sample inputs above, both RC and GB displayed 3 as the Power Law calculation result.

[Fix] Fixed the dashboard’s Gradebook Assignments widget to populate complete and correct data as it should. Some schools reported that there were some instances where data was not displayed on the widget. The problem should no longer occur.

[Fix] Fixed improper display of Standards Based GradeBook’s rounding calculation result.
 Previously, when teachers entered a new score or a score was changed, two scores would be displayed in the “Mark” column, a whole number and a decimal number (note that rounding is turned off). This is what the teachers expected to see and have seen all year, but as soon as the page was refreshed, the decimal number was removed and in the “Mark” column it was replaced by two whole numbers (instead of a whole number and a decimal number). Now, when teachers enter a new score or a score is changed, two scores will be displayed correctly in the “Mark” column of the Spreadsheet view page which corresponds according to standard score rounding preference.

Report Cards: Enhancement and Fixes

[Enhancement] We improved usability of Report Card’s rounding preference by adding the ability to either round up or round down the calculation result.
 Previously, only GradeBook had the ability to round up (if rounding preference is “up”) and round down (if rounding preference is “down”) the calculation result, but Report Card (RC) did not, resulting in discrepancies when teachers selected the same calculation methods as the admin/RC user.

Ex. Teacher is using a decaying average of 75% for the standard score in the GradeBook with a rounding preference of "up" and the student receives a raw score of 2.75 in GradeBook, which is subsequently rounded to 3. However, on the RC field (which is also using a decaying average of 75%) the student’s grade is a 2 since RC doesn’t support rounding. The raw value is still a 2.75, but the student’s grade is automatically rounded down.

Now, using the same rounding preference mentioned above, Report Card supports either round down or round up and correctly displays the calculation result on Report Card Entry screens.

Fixes (We're learning from these, promise.):

[Fix] We noticed and fixed minor display issue on the Entry by Layout screen. It specifically occured when a teacher updated an entry for the Predefined Comment field. The updated field incorrectly displayed numbers instead of selected predefined comment.
 Note: Some districts set up Predefined Comment fields to restrict teachers from overwriting entries. In that case, there is no way for teachers to update entries and users should not have experienced the display issue we described above.

[Fix] We fixed an issue that caused the student layout entry screen to load incorrectly. In some instances, the selected student’s name was different from the one shown on student selection field. Selected student should now be loaded correctly.

[Fix] Some teachers reported that Predefined Comments were missing on student’s Report Card Viewer screen (also called as Entry by Layout), but were showing up on other entry options and were printing correctly on Report Card's print out. We’ve addressed the issue; Entry by Layout should continue to work as expected and should now correctly display the data.

DnA: Enhancements

DnA: Enhancements

[Enhancement] *DRUM ROLL* We know you've been waiting for this one for a long time...there is now a printer friendly version of the Response Frequency Report! We can practically hear your cries of joy!!

[Enhancement] Dashboard- The Favorites widget is back in action and the Response Frequency report can now be added to your Favorites! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Reports: New Reports

Reports: New Reports

[New] SAGE Reports: Performance Summary, Student Roster and Student Achievement Results. They're so pretty!

To view the report abstracts, click here.

ISI: Enhancements

ISI: Enhancements

[Enhancement] Scheduling- Student Locators: Sort By Teacher/Teacher Date allows users to print mass student locators for a future date while sorting by today’s teacher. Kind of like looking into a crystal ball, right?

For more information about Student Locators, see the help document 'Student Locator (Schedule Cards)'.

[Enhancement] Attendance- Student Attendance Summary- Added a dropdown at the top of the attendance summary page in which the user can select the school site in which to display the attendance summary. This select box should only be present when the student has concurrent enrollment at one or more site.

ISE: New Feature and Fixes

ISE: New Feature and Fixes

[New Feature] MDR (Manifestation Determination Review) process Phase One has been released. NOTE: Phase One includes the Setting, MDR Invite (PDF of invite not available at this time) and MDR Participants.

The following are permissions for the MDR Process:

ISE MDR Permission- Base permission for the MDR feature

MDR Delete- Permission to delete MDR

MDR Modify-Permission to modify MDR

MDR Publish Override- Permission to publish override MDR

MDR Undelete-Permission to undelete MDR

MDR View- Permission to view MDR


[Fix] The Wizard Quick View Pages are now the same as the Wizard Quick Resume Pages for Michigan Sites.

Be sure to check out the Rolling Release Notes v8.4 to v8.5 for a few items (State Assessment Changes to IEP Process for Michigan Users) we released recently.