Rolling Release v.8.7-8.8

Below are recent updates made in between official releases. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

As of 4.15.16

[Enhancement] Gradebook- Print Assignment List- Users can now print a PDF of an Assignment List from the Home Connection Portal.

As of 4.11.16

[Fix] ISE--Medicaid Verification Logs:  Verifiers are now able to search for the encounters, no matter of verification expiration date.

As of 4.8.16

As of 4.8.16

[Enhancement} ISE- Added Transition Timelineness to the data available for Custom Reports.

As of 4.6.16

[Fix] ISE- The "Fill All" tab now fills the group number column when adding a group encounter.

As of 4.5.16

[Fix] ISE- Medicaid: Nursing submissions will now have the NPI referring provider for in any new batch created as of 4-5-16.

As of 3.29.16

As of 3.29.16

[New Feature] Online Testing- Quick Roster- We wanted to make OT rostering faster and easier to do in the classroom. So, Quick Rostering is pretty much the inverse of the current rostering process where the user selects the students + roster settings and then students access the test via the portal. Instead, the teacher selects “Quick Roster,” which generates a 7-character access code, which is then input at by students to take the assessment.