Rolling Release v8.9-9.0

Below are recent updates made in between official releases. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

As of 7.13.16


[New] Enrollment- Pre-registration Log- Logs all changes to pre-registration by date, description, page class, user, session and changed data. This is permission based and can be enabled by District Illuminate Admin.

[Fix] Enrollment- Pre-registration- We've released a fix to ensure that the effective date that shows in the pop up box when approving a pre-registered student defaults to the start of the term.

[Fix] Health- We fixed the sort order for Communicable Diseases for consistency, as well as to match the sort for Procedures and Medications.

[Fix] Health- When entering inches in Mass Screening, the data was going into the feet field. This has been fixed.

As of 6.26.16

As of 6.26.16

[New Reports] Ohio AIR Reports are now in Illuminate! To see the Abstracts, click here.

As of 6.24.16

As of 6.24.16

[Enhancement] ISE: The following Medicaid Encounter Service Types will now require either an Audiology Script or Speech and Language Referral in order to be accepted as a part of a submission batch.

As of 6.23.16

[Fix] ISE: For any Reevaluation DNQ (Does not Qualify) IEPs published on or after 6/17/16: The disabilities, programs and services will end on the published date. In addition, the MSDS Extract will bring in this information along with the Reevaluation DNQ IEP Date.

As of 6.20.16

[Enhancement] ISE Medicaid: The modifier of 59 has been added to both 97110 and 97150 to allow for situations where a student has group therapy and individual therapy on the same day for either OT or PT.

[Enhancement] ISE Medicaid/Michigan: Students 18+ with the primary disability of OHI or PI will now have R62.7 as the diagnosis code instead of R6259 when creating/submitting any new billing submission files.

As of 6.15.16

As of 6.15.16

[New Report] New SBA Site or Grade Level Summary Report.

For more information on this report, see the abstract here.

[New Reports] Wyoming PAWS Reports- We've added the PAWS Performance Summary, PAWS Student Roster and PAWS Student Summary.

For more information on these reports, see the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] DnA: Assessments- Added breadcrumbs back to the Assessment Details page in assessment creation. It’s sometimes easy to get lost in Illuminate, so providing a “path” back to the main Details page will be helpful for users navigating through our manual assessments module.

[Enhancement] DnA: Students can use different identifiers for Quick Rosters. Previously, students had to use their Local ID to authenticate for Quick Rosters. Now they can use SSID, Local Student ID, email, or their Portal username.