Release Notes v9.0

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v9.0. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link will NOT work. You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: September 13, 2016

Next tentative release to Live Sites: September 15, 2016

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

GradeBook: New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

GradeBook: New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

[New Feature] There is now a new Progress Report display option in Standards-Based GradeBook (SBGB) and Points-Based GradeBook (PBGB), called the 'Only Show GradeBooks Student Is Active in As Of Today' option. The new display option allows report admins and teachers to generate a Progress Report that shows all GradeBooks for students when there is a grade record within a grading period, even if the student is no longer in the GradeBook as of the current date (that is when the option selected is the default No). Only the GradeBooks on the current date where the student is active in is displayed when the option selected is Yes.

Note: Today (current date) should be selected based on the Control Panel date. To set up the display option, go to your GradeBook's Reports > Progress Report then click Display Options.

[Enhancement] There are some updates for Administrator's GradeBook Spreadsheet Report generated from the GradeBook, Grades to Date widget in student profile (by clicking the GradeBook name). The Spreadsheet Report is now generated based on the grading period defined in the widget. It means, student’s grade reflected in the widget should be the same as the calculated mark shown in GradeBook Spreadsheet Report. Previously, the Spreadsheet Report disregarded the grading period; the student marks reflected in the report were an overall calculation of all assignments.

[Enhancement] We’ve worked hard to improve further GradeBook’s performance. Downloading of PDF and viewing of GradeBook's progress report now generates a bit faster than before. There are no changes on the functionality.

[Fix] We’ve fixed an issue that didn't allow teachers to chose the disabled option and edit student scores even though GradeBook's input mode option was set to disable. Now only the Enable Percentage Edit, Enable Score Edit and Enable Points Edit settings control how the input mode options are shown, regardless of other relevant settings. This update ensures that all input mode option preferences in Points-Based GradeBook (PBGB) are applied correctly.

[Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented administrators from generating previous year’s GradeBook Progress Reports.

Reports: New Reports

Reports: New Reports

[New Reports] Louisiana PARCC Reports- Performance Summary, Student Roster and Student Summary. See the report abstracts here.

[New Reports] Colorado CMAS Reports- Performance Summary, Student Roster and Student Summary. See the report abstracts here.

[New Reports] Arizona Average Daily Membership (ADM) Report

[Enhancement] California Smarter Balanced Reports - Now have an option for pulling a single year or multi-year data in the existing reports (Performance Summary, Student Roster and Student Summary).

[Enhancement] California Smarter Balanced FINAL data set can now be imported!

ISI: New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

ISI: New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

[New] State Reporting: Career Tech Pathways- We released a new CTE Pathways module and metadata for California and Louisiana! See the help documents here (CA) and here (LA) for more information.

[Enhancement] Online Registration: Manage Pre-Registered Students Page now displays approved/non-approved, approved date,and there's a pre-registration audit log. For more information, see the help document here.

[Enhancement] Custom Forms: New Contact Correspondence Language filter in Custom Forms. For more information on this feature, see the help document here.

[Enhancement] Online Registration: New pre-registration workflow for parents with existing portal accounts. For more information on this feature, see the help document here.

[Enhancement] Portal: Portal email address now displays on the Student Contacts page.

[Enhancement] Portal: We added our student privacy policy to the portal.

[Fix] Portal: We’ve made some updates so that GradeBook widget in the Home Connection Portal shall always apply and display the student’s mark based on the School-wide Grade Scale, instead of applying the individual GradeBook grade scale that a user has set for his/her own GradeBook.

[Fix] Health: We changed how to enter height in Mass Screening. When entering inches in Mass Screening, the data was going into the feet field. This has been fixed.

[Fix] Health: Vision Screening Order corrected.

Report Cards: Enhancement and Fixes

Report Cards: Enhancement and Fixes

[Enhancement] Unintentional removal of fields costs time and effort and so we've worked to make it simple, easy, and less prone to unintended actions! So, now you can remove fields from a Report Card's template layout by directly clicking on them (one at a time or in multiples) and hitting the new delete icon on the tool bar. When there are missing blocks, two options will be made available: (1) Option to remove, and (2) Option to leave them as is. Removal by selecting the field names listed on right navigation pane (the old way of removing fields) continues to work as expected.

[Fix] Fixed Report Card printing so that historical RCs (or Report Cards from previous years) continue to print predefined comments that are currently not active. Some districts inactivate predefined comments that were used in previous year's Report Cards.

[Fix] The Report Card template layout now displays updated field names whenever such fields are renamed from the Field Management screen. Previously, field names were not updating on RC's Edit Layout screen when field name edits were applied.

ISE: Enhancements

[Enhancement] REED: Plan Page updates

[Enhancement] REED: Verbiage changes