Rolling Release v9.0-9.1

Below are recent updates made in between official releases. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

As of 8.25.16

As of 8.25.16

[New Feature] DnA: Protected Features- A user can “protect” a feature/ability so that he/she and only select users are able to perform that function. Ex. If I “protect” duplication and grant only Myself + Zach access to this feature, then all other users will NOT be able to duplicate the assessment (only Me + Zach).

For more information on this feature, see the help document here.

As of 8.18.16

As of 8.18.16

[New Reports] DnA: Illinois PARCC Reports. See the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] DnA: Skills Assessments- New Font (Comic Sans)- We received feedback that the open-dyslexic font could be distracting for students who hadn’t encountered the font before.

As of 8.4.16

As of 8.4.16

[Enhancement] ISE: Washington RED:  Added SSID to MET PDFs

[Enhancement] ISE: MDR Meta Data has been added for use in Custom Reports

Click link to see the new Categories and Columns added:

NOTE:  The MDR Categories will still need to be shared out with the appropriate role(s), user(s) etc.  To learn more about how Share Meta Data go to:

[Fix] ISE: The check boxes along with the comments entered on the Manifestation Determination section of the MDR Process now show on the MDR PDF.

[New Feature] DnA: Skills Assessments: Skills Assessments are an easy way for teachers to assess student’s recognition of numbers, short words, letters, etc. The teacher sets up a series of questions (or “prompts”) and then assesses the student and records the results in real time.

For extensive information on this feature, see the help documents here.

As of 8.1.16

[New] DnA: List Assessments Page got a facelift!

What changed?

  • Removed the filters at top (this caused issues with a lot of users). No need to hit “clear” before searching.
  • Added a “recent” filter to left to make it easier to find your recent assessments.
  • Utilized a convention similar to Google and online shopping carts to make the interface more intuitive and easier-to-understand.
  • Added ability to preview assessments.
  • Advanced Filter options added
  • Made the page faster.
  • Added the “trash” option to restore deleted assessments.
  • Consolidated “Actions” (E.g. duplicate, scan, delete, etc.) into a drop-down menu for usability and performance.

For more info see the help document here.

[Enhancement] Online Testing got a little facelift! See the new organization of buttons as well as the progress bar along the top of the page! This should make it work better on phones and tablets.

[Enhancement] Gradebook: Decimals are now possible in the Standards-Based Gradebooks, they can be set up in the Grade Scale to the hundredths decimal place.

[Enhancement] Reports: Multi-year functionality added to the following CA SBA Reports:

  • Performance Summary
  • Student Roster
  • Student Summary

Users can now compare the two available years of SBA data (2014-15 and 2015-16) or run for a single year using the same report they’ve been using.

As of 7.29.16

As of 7.29.16

[Enhancement] ISE Washington and Michigan REED: Removed the District Representative Signature/Date and Special Education Supervisor Signature/Date. Added the District Signature and Date District Received Signed Parent Consent.

[Enhancement] ISE Louisiana: REED: Added back the Parent Consent section on the PLAN Page of the REED Process.

[Enhancement] ISE Washington REED: Added Evaluation Information section to the Eval Logs Page.