Release Notes v9.1

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v9.1. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link willNOT work. You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: October 25, 2016

Next tentative release to Live Sites: October 27, 2016

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

All Products: Enhancement

All Products: Enhancement

[Enhancement] Mass Email- You've got mail! Mass Email is no longer dependent on Portal Registration, so you can mass email any contacts in Illuminate now!

For more information, see the help document here.

[Fix] Fixed Report Card’s printout so that when printing the previous academic year from the Student Profile Report Cards widget, the print out information (ex. School name, Grade Level and Teacher Name) for the year selected will be correctly reflected.

Gradebook: Enhancements and Fixes

Gradebook: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] Standards-Based GradeBooks- Oh snap! Check it out, parents/students can now see a display of grade explanations for Standards-Based grades in the portal!

For more information, see the help document here.

[Enhancement] GradeBook: Standards-Based Gradebooks- Added a new GradeBook feature that allows decimal values to be displayed in Standards-Based GradeBook’s view screens and be set in the Grade Scale.

Teachers can now:

  • Setup a Grade Scale for SBGB that includes decimal values (to the hundredth place), so that teachers can better communicate student’s progress in a standard/skill to students and parents. The input value in "Value" column becomes the top range for the band.

  • Input decimal values for assignments in SBGB’s Gradebook Scoresheets (Spreadsheet, Student List and Assignment List), so  teachers can better communicate student progress on a standard/skill to students and parents.

  • Change the label or text associated with each numeric value in Grade Scale, so that teachers and parents have greater insight into what a student’s performance means.

  • Select a custom color for each performance level in a Grade Scale to visually differentiate each level in reporting and the spreadsheet input view.

[Enhancement] GradeBook- We've updated default display option for the GradeBook Progress Report (applies to newly-created Points-Based GradeBooks). The following options are selected by default:

  • Overall Score

  • Category Score

  • Parent Signature

  • Teacher Signature

  • Student Signature

[Fix] Fixed GradeBook’s score display so that when viewing the scores in student’s Grade Search report and in GradeBook’s scoresheets, the value displayed in the report will match with the value displayed in the scoresheets.

[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused “null” mark to appear (under certain conditions) on SBGB’s Overall Mark column of spreadsheet view and student list view.

[Fix] Fixed Grade Scale so that it consistently rounds off decimal values to the nearest hundredth.

[Fix] Fixed Progress Report so that administrators can generate reports of all students within selected group and timeframe.

[Fix] Fixed Standards-Based GradeBook's entry screens so that decimal values without the preceding zero (0) before the decimal point are accepted.

[Fix] Fixed Standards-Based GradeBook’s spreadsheet view so that when changing the value scale after assignment scores have been entered, the scale will be correctly reflected at the top of the assignment.

[Fix] Fixed Standards Report so that it displays individual standard scores as decimals. Some teachers noticed that when they generated the Standards Report, the individual assignment scores were rounded off to whole numbers. It should not since Standards-Based GradeBooks now supports decimal values.

[Fix] Fixed Gradebook’s Class Grade Report information so that when referencing the student summary report, the Absences and Tardy counts will be consistently correct. 

[Fix] Fixed GradeBook’s Also Save To feature so that only GradeBooks the user has permission to shall appear to Also Save To menu.

Reports: New Reports and Enhancements

Reports: New Reports and Enhancements

[New Reports] Massachusetts PARCC Reports. See the abstracts here.

[New Reports] Illinois PARCC Reports. See the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] The Assessment Pivot Table and Pivot Table reports got some work done! See the abstracts here and here.

[Enhancement] CA SBA Reports- Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) Multi-Year Report: All Students Tested. See the abstract here.

[New Report] ISI: Requirement Credit Check. See the abstract here.

DnA: New Features and Enhancements

DnA: New Features and Enhancements

[New Feature] Protected Features- Protect yourself! A user can “protect” a feature/ability so that he/she and only select users are able to perform that function. Ex. If I “protect” duplication and grant only Myself + Zach access to this feature, then all other users will NOT be able to duplicate the assessment (only Me + Zach).

For more information on this feature, see the help document here.

[New Feature] Skills Assessments: Skills Assessments are an easy way for teachers to assess student’s recognition of numbers, short words, letters, etc. The teacher sets up a series of questions (or “prompts”) and then assesses the student and records the results in real time. Use these assessments to see which students have mad skills, y'all!

For extensive information on this feature, see the help documents here.

[New Feature] List Assessments Page got a facelift!

What changed?

  • Removed the filters at top (this caused issues with a lot of users). No need to hit “clear” before searching.
  • Added a “recent” filter to left to make it easier to find your recent assessments.
  • Utilized a convention similar to Google and online shopping carts to make the interface more intuitive and easier-to-understand.
  • Added ability to preview assessments.
  • Advanced Filter options added
  • Made the page faster.
  • Added the “trash” option to restore deleted assessments.
  • Consolidated “Actions” (E.g. duplicate, scan, delete, etc.) into a drop-down menu for usability and performance.

For more info see the help document here.

[New Feature] Online Testing- Live Proctoring- This feature allows teachers/admins to view student's answers in real time on an online assessment! Holy smokes!! Correct answers are featured in green and incorrect are displayed in red. For more information on this feature, see the help document here.

ISI: New Features and Enhancements

ISI: New Features and Enhancements

[New Feature] Scheduling- Copy Students- Copy students from one section to another with ease from The Board!

For more information, see the help document here.

[Enhancement] Custom Forms- We added some additional statuses, along with a View Summary/Print ability in both Illuminate and the portal!

For more information, see the help document here.

[Enhancement] Custom Forms- We’ve updated the forms page in the portal so that expired and available forms are separate, and have added an explanation of each form status!

[Enhancement] Custom Forms- Manage Duplicates- We’ve changed the Find Custom Forms Recipients workflow to no longer allow duplicate forms to be sent, and to allow one parent/guardian to “own” the form when it’s been sent to two parents/guardians. Now that this change has been made, using the Manage Duplicates Page will no longer be necessary for any forms sent after 8/15/16. The Manage Duplicates Page will be removed on 12/01/16.

For more information, see the help document here.

[New Report] Attendance- Present Student Aggregation Report- This report displays real time period and all day attendance for sites. For more information, see the help document here.

[New Report] Attendance-WA ADA Aggregation Report

[Enhancement] Transcripts- Max Credit Checker- This automatic feature aggregates credits attempted and detects students that are over for a given course.

[Enhancement] Transcripts- Added more Field Toggle Options to allow for more flexibility for transcript configurations.

ISE: New Features and Enhancements

ISE: New Features and Enhancements

[Enhancement] Washington RED: Added SSID to MET PDFs

[Enhancement] MDR Meta Data has been added for use in Custom Reports. Click the link to see the new Categories and Columns added:

NOTE: The MDR Categories will still need to be shared out with the appropriate role(s), user(s) etc.  To learn more about how Share Meta Data go to:

IFSP Transition Timeliness and Timely Start of Services Code Additions/Removals have been added to Code Management are now available to use in preparation for Count!

The Current side/provider column has been added to the Medical Script Referral Report

[Fix]  The Prepublish feature has been updated to include multiple 'Academic' (or whichever area has multiples) areas of the Demonstrated Needs sections that were added in the IEP, not just one.