Rolling Release v9.2-9.3

Below are recent updates made in between official releases. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

As of 11.30.16

[New Reports] WV SBA Reports- SBA Performance Summary, SBA Student Summary and SBA Student Roster

For more information, see the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] ISE:  Washington IEPs:  The 'auto calculate' has been removed from the LRE page of the IEP.

As of 11.21.16

[Enhancement] Multi-year functionality added to the MI M-STEP Reports:

  • Performance Summary
  • Student Roster
  • Student Summary

Users can now compare the two available years of M-STEP data (2014-15 and 2015-16) or run for a single year using the same report they’ve been using.

  • Note that claim performance in the Performance Summary cannot be compared due to the addition of a third performance level added for 2015-16.

[New] ISE:  New FEATURE! There is now the ability to restore a deleted P2P!

[Enhancement] SE:  Skyward Users now no longer need to go and add the Historical IEP date for a student who is MMSE for any IFSP published AFTER 11/17/16. The IFSP date should now appear as the IEP date if the child is SE eligible in your Skyward report. It should also create a Historical IEP entry for you automatically.

[Fix] ISE: If a student was marked as in attendance this will now show on the PDF. The MDR Contact Attempts will no longer print on the MDR PDF when YES is selected that parent was in attendance.

[New Report] CA Multiple Assessment Performance Report 

See the abstract here, for more information.

[Enhancement] We re-styled the Multiple Assessment Performance Report (All States)

As of 11.14.16

As of 11.11.16

[Enhancement] Health- Mass Screening- Added "Screening Date" option to mass screenings and to fill down.

[Fix] Health-Mass Screening- Dental entries are now blank by default.

[Fix] Health- Mass Screening- Now, saving a mass screening with  rows of no data, will not create any data. Those rows will remain blank.

[Fix] Health-Office Log- Departure time on office log is now blank by default.

[Fix] Health- Creating an entry in the Physical widget used to also create an entry in the health Comments widget, this is no longer true.

As of 11.9.16

[Enhancement] Health- Added the Immunization Compliance By Grade Level Report to the Health Navigation.

[Enhancement] Health- Departure time on the Office Log is now blank by default.

[Enhancement] Health- Mass Screening- Can now be run for up to 250 students (rather than 50 maximum as it was previously).