Rolling Release v9.3-9.4

Below are recent updates made in between official releases. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

As of 1.13.17

ISE [Enhancement] Medicaid:  Added the new OT/PT Service Codes and updated OT/PT Service Codes.

As of 1.10.17

ISE [Fix] Medicaid:  The Medical Script Referral report no longer reverses the logic on 'Ignore current enrollment'.

As of 1.9.17


[Enhancement] The Manifestation Determination page of the MDR nowe allows for more characters.

[Enhancement] The SLD MET "Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Statement" TEXT BOX is now available to be expanded.

[Enhancement] MDR Manifestation Determination Text Boxes for YES/No allow for more characters.

[Fix] The IEP Details and View options on the subnavigation bar are also available when viewing the deleted IEP>Inelgibile Rationale Page now.

[Fix] Washington: The State Assessment options for 5th and 8th grade have been updated to reflect the appropriate assessment options.

As of 12.24.16

[Enhancement] Reports- Restyled and updated CELDT Student List

Previous Reports Included:

Comprehensive CELDT Student List

Site CELDT Student List

Grade Level CELDT Student List

Course CELDT Student List

Teacher CELDT Student List

Section CELDT Student List

By using the Group Students By drop-down menu all of these are now housed in 1 report the CELDT Student List!