Release Notes v9.4

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v9.4. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link willNOT work. You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: February 28, 2017

Next tentative release to Live Sites: March 2, 2017

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

Reports: New Reports and Enhancements

[New Report] Accountability Dashboard

For more information on this report, see the abstract here.

[New Reports] Texas STAAR Reports: Performance Summary, Student Roster, Student Summary

See the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] CA CELDT Student List- We added new data and restyled the report to combine what used to be the following separate reports:

Site CELDT Student List

Grade Level CELDT Student List

Course CELDT Student List

Teacher CELDT Student List

Section CELDT Student List

See the abstract here.

[Enhancement] NWEA MAP Student Roster has been restyled. See the abstract here.

[Enhancement] DIBELS Sixth- All of these reports have gotten a facelift! See the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] Skills Assessment Parent Letter is now available in Spanish! See the abstract here.


[Enhancment] Online Testing- We've released some new tools for student use when taking a test online! Students can now Highlight, use a Dictonary, and use Underline/Strikethrough! For more information, see the help document here.

ISI: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] Custom Forms- We added a feature that highlights any changed fields on Custom Forms. No more searching through a  form to figure out what's different! For more info on this change, see the help document here.

Note: This feature does not have its own permissions, but users will need the existing 'Edit Custom Forms' permission to use this feature. 

[Enhancement] Custom Forms- We added a Custom Forms Audit Log. Party on! For more info on this feature, see the help document here.

Note: This is a permission based feature. The permission that must be enabled for use is 'View Custom Form Audit Logs' under the 'Manage Forms' heading in permissions.

[Enhancement] Pre-Registration- We added a Gender Field to Portal Student Pre-Registration.

[Fix] Health- Mass Screenings- Fixed Warning message popping up more than once.

[Fix] Health- Mass Screenings- Cache Refresh is now fixed.

[Fix] Health- Mass Screenings- Blank Option is now fixed.

ISE: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] The MMSE REED is LIVE!  For more information, see our help documents here.

[Fix] LA REED: The MET form now includes the Building and District on all OPEN REEDs with a MET.

[Fix]: IFSP is no longer "skipping pages" the first time you move forward after completely the Eligibility Page.

[Fix]:  On the IFSP Transition Page you can now add the Transition Plan date separately from the Conference Date.