Release Notes v9.5

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v9.5. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support.

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link willNOT work. You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: April 11, 2017

Next tentative release to Live Sites: April 13, 2017

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

ISI: Enhancements

[Enhancement] The Enrollment module went under the knife and had some serious work done!

For more information, check out the help documents here!

[Enhancement] Enrollment isn't the only one who got some work done, say hello to Roll Over Tool 2.0!

[Enhancement] Custom Forms: New Expired Forms Filter

[Enhancement] Health: Mass Screening Column Order now is Right/Left, Right/Left versus Right/Right, Left/Left, etc.

[Enhancement] Search 2.0: New State Reported Race Filter under Advanced Demographics

Report Cards: Enhancements and Fixes:

[Enhancement] Admins can now input empty lower bound for percentage-type value scales. Previously, an error message is displayed when Admins saved an empty Lower Bound in Value Scale. Now, empty Lower Bound can be saved and can be inputted as a student score using its Display Value.

[Enhancement] Added check and validation on Value Scale creation and edit screens to prevent same Display Value from getting saved. Display Value must be unique. When duplicate values are detected, the screen displays an alert message and the Value Scale cannot be saved until duplicates are removed or corrected. This prevents potential data issues that may arise from duplicate values.

[Fix] Report Cards printing stalled sporadically. Such issues were observed to specifically occur when printing from the Report Cards widget on the Student Profile page. It also caused problems to teachers and other users who were assigned with permission to print historical Report Cards. We resolved this issue and made some updates to make sure printing continues to work seamlessly as expected.

DnA: Enhancements

[Enhancement] Assessment List- Widened search ability- The search will now find partial words, for example, type in 'Eng' and it will find all assessments with 'Eng', like 'English 10 Quiz', in the title.

Gradebook: Fixes

[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the cross-gradebook weight report to display the teacher-created Grading Scale even if the school had set up a school-wide grade scale. The cross-gradebook weight report should respect the school-wide grade scale and should use a teacher-created grading scale only when no site-wide scale is set up.

[Fix] Fixed an issue that caused an inaccurate median standards score calculation in the Standards-Based GradeBook. It affected standards with fewer than three assignments.

[Fix] Some teachers noticed that specific assignments linked from assessments were displaying incorrect values. It was specifically observed on linked question groups and standards. We’ve traced and corrected the root cause of the issue.

[Fix] We’ve worked on a fix to a problem that caused the GradeBook Widget in the Student Portal to display a score that did not match overall scores in GradeBook scoresheets. The display issue has been fixed. A scoresheet score in a given grading period should be the same as the score displayed in the Student Portal during the same grading period.

[Fix] Some teachers noticed that assignment notes could not be saved. We’ve checked and confirmed that this issue specifically occured only with students who had a blank score on assignments linked to assessments. Generally, linked assignments were not affected. We’ve rolled out the fix to ensure that notes will always be saved.

Reports: New Reports and Enhancements

[New] Standards-Based Gradebook Progress Report, for more information see the abstract here.

[New] New State Reports- CA CAA and NM PARCC

For more information on these reports, click here (CAA) and here (NM PARCC).

[Enhancement] Updated Pivot Table

For more information, see the abstract here.

[Enhancement] Updated CA Immunization Health Card- This report now defaults to display the students’ reported name and reported gender. If this information is not available, it will then display their in-system preferred name and gender. This is in compliance with CALPADS that requires legal name and gender to populate on legal documents but allows preferred name and gender to be displayed in system rosters.

For more information, see the abstract here.

[Enhancement] Rejected Record log for Known Data sets- This feature will verify if upload file matches the number of fields/characters we expect, and will kick back an error if not.

These are all of the data sets that are affected: CAASP, CAHSEE, CALPADS AISP, CELDT, PFT, STAR, Preliminary Science CAPA 2015-2016, Preliminary Science CMA 2015-2016, Preliminary Science CST 2015-2016, Smarter Balanced Assessment 2014-2015 Interims, Smarter Balanced Assessment 2014-2015 Summative (Preliminary), Smarter Balanced Assessment 2015-2016 Interims, Smarter Balanced Assessment 2015-2016 Summative (Preliminary), Smarter Balanced Assessment 2016-2017 Interims

ISE: New Feature

[New] Summary of Performance (SOP) SPED summary/record for students exiting secondary education due to graduating or aging out. The SOP provides ongoing student support and helps with post-HS life, like further schooling and workforce help!!

For more information, click here.

[Enhancement] Part C/MI: Student has been removed from the MMSE REED PDF.

[Enhancement] Michigan: Worksheet Bs: The worksheets now support multiple providers providing the same service concurrently. Please remember that program/service data is stored at the district level.

[Fix] Mass Caseload Reassignment Tool- New provider drop down is now in last name alphabetical order again.

[Fix] Medicaid: Billing Logic for Nursing Encounters per MDHHS has been released. We now require that IF any nursing encounter is added THEN a monthly summary must be completed in order for 1) nursing services to be considered completed for the month AND 2) any nursing encounters to pass the logic for billing batches and be accepted.