Release Notes v9.6

Below are the new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes for v9.6. As always, if you have any questions about a feature, please contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Support

NOTE: If you are a client with both DnA and ISI: If you click on a document link within the Release Notes for an ISI feature, but you accessed the Release Notes via the DnA Help site, the link willNOTwork.You must be in the proper help site (the one related to the feature being linked) to utilize the direct links in the Release Notes.

Next tentative release to Demo Site and Sandboxes: May 23, 2017

Next tentative release to Live Sites: May 25, 2017

*Release dates are subject to change pending development and testing timelines.

DnA: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] Online Testing- Quick Rostering- The Access Code is now clickable and will display large on your screen when selected. If you share the link with students, students can click on the link, and it will take them to the login page with access code pre-filled!

[Enhancement] ItemBank- Reference Materials can now be removed from the ItemBank.


[Fix] Assessments- ZeLibrary failing to install assessments.

[Fix] Assessments- Online Testing Quick Roster student display delay.

[Fix] Assessments- Assessment XLS student responses download taking longer than 10 minutes.

[Fix] MTSS/RTI- Site affiliations are not being honored with MTSS/RTI Interventions.

Reports: Enhancements

[Enhancement] NWEA Reports- Assessment Summary and Student Longitudinal Report have been updated! For more information, see the abstracts here.

[Enhancement] CA: College Readiness Report data updates.

ISI: Enhancements and Fixes

[Enhancement] Custom Forms- We've added a new Academic Year filter on “Manage All Responses page.

[Enhancement] Health- Updates to Visual Acuity and Near Point data in the Health Screening Vision widget. We merged the Acuity fields for each eye, to eliminate having to type in a 20 value each time. In addition, we merged the Near Point fields into field called Near Point Combined, and introduced an additional Near Point field for each eye. We updated the code tables as well.

For more information see the following help docs: Health Vision Screening: Enter/Edit Data and Admin: Health Screening Vision-Setup

[Enhancement] Emergency Card- We've made blocks to combine First/Last Names (Student, Parent, Contact, Teacher, Sibling), and Addresses to make building Emergency Cards faster and more efficient!

[Enhancement] Mass Screening- Age is now auto populated.

[Enhancement] Mass Screening- Access to 7th grade immunization requirements field is now available.

[Fix] Fixed Timeblock reset issue.

Gradebook: Enhancement

[Enhancement] Gradebook- We've added a disclosure on the GradeBook Grade Search page to eliminate confusion on what the filters are actually doing. It reads, "Filters will narrow down your requested student set and show any/all Gradebook/s associated to the selected students."

Report Cards: Enhancement

[Enhancement] Report Cards- Administrators can now remove assessments from the Report Cards Field setup screen.

ISE: New Video & Enhancement

[New] Video on how to rollover an IEP into a NonPublic Service Plan!

[Enahancement] State Assessment options for Washington IEPs have been updated as of 4/17/17.