Share With Others

In Illuminate, it is easy to share a resource (assessment, summary assessment, assessment view, demographic, gradebook, custom report, pre-built report, or student group) you have created. This lesson will walk you through the steps on how to share an assessment with other users.

Note: The steps are the same for other resources.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Click the Share tab once you have opened whatever it is you wish to share, in this case we are showing an assessment. However, for many other features, it is its own tab at the top of the page (similar to how you see Setup or Administration here).

Share With Users

1. Click the Click Here link. If you are already sharing with users, scroll down the page to the Share with more users section.

2. Use the drop down to select an option to Share By:

Site & Role - Example: All teachers at my school

Site & Grade Level - Example: Anyone affiliated with 4th grade students at Earl E. Lerner Elementary School

Site & Department - Example: Math Department at Ames High School

Site & Course - Example: Anyone who teaches English 6 at Ames High School

Permission Group - Example: Department PLC (a permission group of teachers you setup, see Create a Permission Group lesson)

User - Example: Anita Book, Al Jibra, & Kurt Lecture (you may share with any user(s) in the district)

Additional options are only available to System Administrators:

Site - Example: Everyone at Ames High School

Role - Example: All principals in the district

Grade Level - Example: Anyone in the district affiliated with 7th grade students

Department - Example: Anyone in the district affiliated to the Math department

Course - Example: Anyone in the district who teaches Calculus 1

3. After selecting your Share By option, a form will populate below for you to fill in. Select the appropriate options and scroll down.

4. Check the box(es) for the permissions you want the users to have. Use the explanation (5) to help you decide. Note about 'Can Edit' if someone is given the ability to edit a shared assessment, Gradebook, etc. if they make a change, it will change for EVERYONE that assessment, Gradebook, etc. is shared with.

6. Click Share.

Note: The sharing options will vary based on the resource you are sharing.  

Review Permissions

1. Once shared, a green confirmation bar will appear at the top of the page.

2. The check boxes indicate which permissions you gave. You can always make changes to the permissions by using the check boxes below each of the permission levels. View Users will display what users have which permission.

3. If you ever need to remove permissions, use the check boxes in the remove column to select which permissions should be completely removed.

4. Be sure anytime you make a change you click Save Changes.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Did you share your assessment with a user group or site but want to exclude or limit a particular staff member? Go ahead and share the assessment with the site or user group (and save the permission). Next, create a new permission where you share by user (1), then enter the user's name (2), and only check the boxes for permissions you want to give that user (3). Click Share (4).

For any other questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call 951-739-0186 Monday-Friday, 8 A.M.-5 P.M. PST.